As we covered last week, there have been mounting buzz that Glock was set to intro a new subcompact handgun, specifically a 9mm single stack that some were dubbing the G43. Well it looks like it is not a rumor.

Recoil bombshell

Today social media was abuzz over the latest issue of Recoil magazine (issue 18) that, while not expected to hit news racks until next week, subscribers received in their mailboxes as early as Tuesday. Apparently, on page 20-21, there is a spread on the G43 complete with initial specs, multiple image views, and a side-by-side comparison of the gun with the G26 double-stack subcompact and the G42 380 that was released last year (hint, the G43 fits between the two).


This was picked up on by numerous other gun sites and blogs and spread worldwide by lunch through social media.

More details

By early afternoon Guns America, Shooting Sports Retailer and the Firearms Blog, all confirmed the existence of the gun with TFB's Phil White saying, "The wait is over! I can officially tell the readers the Glock 43 single stack 9mm is a reality and will be available shortly. Make that soon enough you better check with your local gun store in a few days!"


(The actual gun, no photoshopping, via TFB)

It seems all three sites had gotten a sneak peak at the gun and were keeping it under wraps until the official release was let out by Glock HQ.

"Several weeks ago myself and two other writers were invited to the Glock headquarters in Smyrna, Ga. for a tour of the factory and preview a new product," wrote White.


(Via Shooting Sports Retailer)

Specs as below:


MSRP is expected to be $589, which is more than the reasonably same sized Springfield XDS and SW Shield, but hey, you know street price will likely be closer to the $499 mark and who wants a Springfield or SW anyway when they can have a Glock?

Oh yeah, and remember to tune in to Glock where the official release is set to be posted on Friday.