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  1. LT2108

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    What do you carry on duty?

    I carry a G21 with TRL Tac light
    Off duty weapon is a G30
  2. On duty Glock 23
    Off duty Keltec PF9

  3. brutusvk

    brutusvk New Member

    On duty a G31, off duty a G33.
  4. havasu

    havasu Well-Known Member Supporter

    On duty: G-22 With a TLR tac light
    Off duty: G-23
    Super off duty: G-27

    But now that I am retired, I pick and choose depending on which one is calling my name the loudest.
  5. SgtShowtime

    SgtShowtime New Member

    On duty: G22 & Colt LE6940 AR-15

    Off duty: Springfield XD-9 subcompact.(II like that it has a safety on the grip so it will not shoot if trigger snags on my clothes)

    When I'm blending in as a civilian: Ruger LCP
  6. Argyle64

    Argyle64 New Member

    When I was with the Sheriff's Office I carried a G21SF with TLR-1 for the first 4 years. Then I switched to a Gen4 G19. Now here at the feds we carry a Beretta 92 :)().

    Off duty I carry a Gen4 G26 with a Comp 1 Setup from Argyle Armoring.
  7. Kmurray96

    Kmurray96 Well-Known Member Supporter

    H&K USP, varient 7, DAO, .40 cal

    When I started it was a S&W 66 w/.38 spl+P
  8. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

    I still have and love my Beretta 92G issue, but love my '26 and '30 more.

    What I usually carry "on duty" is a Dell Inspiron Mini netbook as well as a Sony Vaio laptop with all the software I need for the job :D
  9. ckuenzer331

    ckuenzer331 Member

    Keyboard time huh? Got a ballistic shield for either of the computers?
  10. ckuenzer331

    ckuenzer331 Member

    I carry a G21 with an M6... S&W 337PD as a back up... Off duty varies on my mood that day... G27, S&W 337, G21, Taurus 1911AR with an M3..
  11. Sarabian

    Sarabian Slightly Opinionated

    On duty it used to be a Sig Sauer P228 and is now a G21 1st Gen. Off duty it depends. If I can wear heavy clothing like in winter I stick with the G21, but I go with either the G17 or Sig P228 when I need to scale down. I sometimes also will use my Taurus 85CH Stainless when I need smaller.

    Since getting that great FoxX holster, it has been almost exclusively the G17.
  12. fls348

    fls348 New Member

    On duty G17
    Off duty G19
    Off duty summer (shorts and t-shirt) Kel-Tec PF9
  13. zipper046

    zipper046 Member Supporter

    On duty: G22
    Off duty: G27 (mostly) and G23 (sometimes)

    Also shoot a G35 and Para-Ordnance P16-40 for USPSA.

    Still switching between G27 with Pearce +1 extension and my G23...both seem to carry the same...G27 slightly better.
  14. FOZLTD

    FOZLTD New Member

    On duty G21 Trijicon night sights
    Off duty Walther PPK-S
  15. my on/off is the same:

    G19, polished, 3.5Trigger w/ 6# spring, extended mag release
  16. Trotac

    Trotac New Member

    My primary for both off duty and my current narcotics (plain clothes) assignment is a G19 w/ Surefire X300.

    My primary for uniformed or SWAT work is a G34 w/ either the X300 or a TLR-1.
  17. deputy125

    deputy125 New Member

  18. akvs22

    akvs22 New Member

    G37 w/ X300 light
    G39 back-up
  19. yska08

    yska08 New Member

    Dutch law enforcement still uses the Walther P5... Bit short on the rounds; 8+1

  20. ckuenzer331

    ckuenzer331 Member

    Is that a .380?