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I'm looking to start getting into duracoat, I notice there's the easy spray kit with everything all in one set up for the common person to do (has the aeresol can in the package with the paint) and there is also the professional kits to buy

I'm looking for tips and techniques to help me out, also a list of supplies/tools that I might need too.

nukinfutz I hope you also comment as I think you have quite a bit of experience on this matter, also open to other peoples input

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those kits suck, the "airbrush" is junk, the propellant cans often leak, and the spray is uneven and pulses like crazy when it does work. For starting out you can go to harbor freights website and get a pretty decent setup (compressor, gun, hose, regulator, filter) for around $140.00. Pick up some cheap airbrush paint and get used to the gun.

Then buy the duracoat. With DC the most crucial part is prep. You get out what you put in so take your time. Rough the surface, clean it WELL, and make sure to give a few days (3-4) between coats. Tape anything you don't want paint on.

It takes a long time to be good, but you can be happy the first time through if you practice with the gun and prep well.
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