Duracoat(paint) vs. Warranty

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    Has anyone ever had to send in a duracoated Glock in to be serviced?

    What are Glocks opinions and/or issues with duracoat?

    Does Duracoating void any warranties?

    Also, what does duracoat do to engravings on the slide?
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    All valid questions...

    Anyone here know ?!

  3. Glock will continue to cover everything except the finish, or so they have told me. Their opinion about duracoat will be that the gun is perfect from their factory, a fair position to have.

    It has zero effect on factory engraving. Any aftermarket engraving would depend on the quality of that particular work.

    Feel free to contact me directly if you need to discuss specifics about coating your handgun :)

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    If I am just wanting to do solid colors (one on the slide and a different on the frame), should I get the "do it yourself kit" or take it to a professional?
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    Solid colors you can probably just as well do yourself, it's the patterns that you really need to leave to the pros. That said, with some checking around you may find a pro to do it for only a fraction over what it would cost for the DIY option, and relieve yourself of the concern of screwing it up
  6. Yep solid colors are cheap and easy. For one color $25, for two $45. Thats less then a proper DIY. Shipping cost for me to return it to you is additional.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Know anyone who does duracoat in AZ?
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    I 2nd that :) lol
  9. You can ship them to me
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    On a related note: anyone try hydrocoating? I've seen a thread or two on it here, but have wondered about the durability of the finish. Any info? Anyone?
  11. Not from me. Duracoat works so well and stands so tough that I have never had a reason to try anything else.