DuraCoat on my wife's G23

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by msandoval858, Feb 4, 2012.

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    This was my first try at DuraCoat on my wife's 23 Gen 4. She didn't want the wimpy Barbie pink that you see on most pink guns so we went through a bit of trial and error (and $) before I finally got the end result she wanted.

    The color is Razzle Rose from the Flourescent series. To say it's vivid is an understatement and the pic doesn't quite do it justice! Needless to say, it gets noticed at the range when she shoots. Of course, leave it to the blonde with the pink gun to outshoot 90% of the guys on the range on any given day :D

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    I am not much of a pepto pink kind of guy, so this one looks great!

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    Looks like a good first try...well done !!
  4. Razzie is one of the brightest most eye catching duracoat colors out there.
  5. i'm cussing right now...... because my wife just so happen to be walking behind me when I opened this thread. well guess what...........

    since getting my daughter the digital pink camo M&P 15/22, my wife has been on me about getting her a pink weapon. The OP just caused me to spend weapon money.;)

    Does look kind of cool by the way.
  6. Couple of questions about duracoat. When doing it, what do you do about the under side of the slide, the striker channel, the extractor slot and any other internal areas? How does duracoat hold up to many holster presentations{especially in kydex}?
  7. you have to completely strip the gun and tape off anything you don't want sprayed. It holds up incredibly well.

    If you aren't comfortable doing it yourself let me know ;)
  8. i just don't know.....i've always been one to think "oh that looks cool" but never visioned myself doing or having it done to any of my own weapons. Also I don't know if I would want just the frame, just the slide or both.
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    before you start, i would read ; ccrrefinishing.com (read it all then call mary monday...)

    "shes ugly but shes fat"
  10. thanks but no thanks
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    The whole process was so easy, aside from picking the right color, that I don't know why I was hesitant to do it myself at first.

    When she decided she wanted her gun customized, I went the route of finding a gunsmith to do the job right. That didn't quite work out so well unfortunately. Not only did he use so much paint that the gun had a hard time reassmebling but he also neglected to do any kind of masking and painted the inside of the slide which really ticked me off. I ended up having to strip the slide back down to the metal and starting completely over. The backplate was wedged in so tight with all the excess paint buildup that I had to destroy the orignal to get it off the slide.

    At that point I went with the old attitude that if you want something done right, do it yourself. I went to my local Harbor Frieght and picked up cheap but decent airbrush kit and followed the instructions that DuraCoat provided. In hindsight, the only thing I did wrong was I skipped ordering and using any of the reducer. There were a few spots that the brush sputtered because I think the paint was too thick, but they are hardly noticable now that the job is done.

    Aside from cost of the paint itself, you can get a cheap airbrush or even use one of Laurer's shake n spray kits. As long as you take your time, follow directions, and order the right color the first time (I blame that one on her, lol) the whole process is pretty painless.
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  12. how do the painted mag bases hold up when she ejects the mags at teh renge and they hit the ground? Chips? scratches?

    And please tell me she drops them on hte ground and reloads properly! lol
  13. Duracoat is every bit as tough as the original finish
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    My wife would love it. Nice job!
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    Prefect way to get my girlfriendto start shooting
  16. nukinfuts, you do duracoating too not only polishing?
  17. jbluckey

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    Where can you buy all the stuff you need to do this for a glock 19?
  18. jbluckey

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    I found a rose on the web site but i dont know if its the right color, i hate the light pink
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    How much does something like this run. And where can I get it and what other color does it come? I'm looking for a new one and so is my daughter and hubby Christmas is coming.