Oregon Dundee match 11/23

Discussion in 'North West USA' started by Silver-Bolt, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. Silver-Bolt

    Silver-Bolt Well-Known Member

    USPSA at Dundee Saturday. Going to be cold but clear and sunny.
  2. brewrick

    brewrick New Member

    Details please?

  3. Silver-Bolt

    Silver-Bolt Well-Known Member

    Monthly USPSA match at Chehalem Valley Sportsman Club (Dundee). Safety briefing usually at 0830 and shooting starts at 0900.
  4. brewrick

    brewrick New Member

    Open to the public? Entry fee? Website?
  5. Silver-Bolt

    Silver-Bolt Well-Known Member

    Must be a USPSA member with safety certification. Entry is $17.

    Range link.

  6. brewrick

    brewrick New Member

    Cart and horse misalignment?

    I found that website. It is than informative. So here's the ??$$ question. I might want to be a competitive shooter. Seems like public shoots would afford that opportunity to make that determination.

    Do such events exist?:confused:

    If I determine that is competitive shooting for me, then I would join an organization, not before.
  7. Silver-Bolt

    Silver-Bolt Well-Known Member

    Best advice I can give you is to take the intro to USPSA class at the Albany range. It's free, a good class, and you can get your safety card. It costs you ammo and time only. They have a class the first Saturday of each month. You do have to preregister for the class. Contact info: http://www.arpc.info/

    It's a great way to dip your toe in and see if it's for you. Word or warning. It's extremely addictive. Between Portland and Eugene you can shoot a match every weekend if you want. Wife and I both started this year and having a great time. For the class you will need your gun, mags (3 min), holster, belt, mag pouches.
  8. brewrick

    brewrick New Member

    Thanks, now if only there were events closer to the east side of PDX where I reside. Thanks again.
  9. Silver-Bolt

    Silver-Bolt Well-Known Member

    The closest matches to you would be Tri-County Gun Club in Sherwood on the 3rd Sunday of each month or Douglas Ridge up near Boring/Damascus I believe the 1st Saturday of each month.



    The closest ranges in the area are Sherwood, Dundee, Boring, Albany, and Eugene. Going to have to travel a little in order to play.
  10. FinancialDan

    FinancialDan New Member

    When I first came on this forum and asked about competitive shooting, Silver-Bolt directed me to the Columbia-Cascade website. It was extremely helpful. Bolt has been somewhat of a mentor to me and I think to others on here as well with regard to USPSA. I took the intro class earlier this month and will be shooting my first competition this weekend at Dundee. As he said, the only cost for the class is your time and some ammo... which you'd probably be shooting anyway. We didn't shoot much at the class... just a mock stage... less than 50 rds I think, but it was way more fun than standing at a static range shooting at a bullseye. I can't wait for Saturday.