Dry lube on a Glock?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by RRoss, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. RRoss

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    I was tinkering with my G26 yesterday …polishing my slide lock lever when I noticed a bottle of Dry Lube that was in my Dremel case from when I was working on my son's Pinewood Derby car. It's not the Graphite type that is typically used, it is a PTFE ("Teflon") type powder. It's basically teflon plummers tape in powder form. It repels water, doesn't cake up if it DOES get wet , and is SUPER SLICK to the touch.
    I've heard so many people talk about running their Glocks "Dry" that it got me thinking...why not run it dry with the added benefit of a lube that won't gum up the works?
    I'll post a pic of the bottle when I get a chance. This isn't commercially available stuff, I think the name on the bottle is "Lab Lube"
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  2. Argyle64

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    Wouldn't hurt to try it. I won't use it since I run my dry except for 3 drops of oil but I don't think it would hurt anything. Probably won't help anything either though.

  3. The real question is......will it collect dirt. Not good. I would say stick with the GLOCK recommended lubrication suggestion. MINIMAL oil, and they mean minimal. So little that you can barely tell that there is any there.
  4. RRoss

    RRoss If it goes boom or bang, I want to play with it! Lifetime Supporting Member

  5. Hell. Try it and see. I still would be conservative. Not too much. However, that would seem promising.
  6. wrpNYFL

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    I would love to hear how it works. I am fairly new (bought my G19 in FL last month, have to wait for my permit to pick up the 19 in NY... which is paid for since October. ) and I still haven't got the cleaning/oiling as refined as I would like. Dry lube sounds like an awesome option. I hope it works...
  7. SHOOTER13

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    That would work...!
  8. snooch

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    I am a BIG fan of trying new things and this looks to be right up my alley..!

    I am particularly interested in this for my AR's rather than my Glocks.

    In my opinion, worrying about what kind of lube to use on your Glock is like worrying about the same thing for you AK. Not worth the brain time..! :D
  9. TheLance

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    a glock will run with anything.. hell i did grease once and it worked fine..

    I have even tried Royal Purple full synthetic and it worked..
  10. cardguy

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    I put just a smidge of STP oil treatment on the contact points (frame)of my Glock. I'll try it out this week. I put some mixed with a little tungsten disulfide on the ram of my 550B Dillon press and there seems to be no friction at all when I run the ram up and down.
  11. It is very interesting, because all oils will attract dirt, so you have to be careful to not use too much. This dry lube, if it doesn't attract dirt, would be great.
  12. RRoss

    RRoss If it goes boom or bang, I want to play with it! Lifetime Supporting Member

    Well, I "lubed" up my G26 and I'm going to try and get to the range before the end of the week to test it out. The application method was: Puff some on rub with finger and blow off the excess. The slide action FEELS smoother and so does the trigger pull when dry firing. I'm really looking forward to testing it out.
    Snooch: Thats deffinately it.
    Results to come!
  13. RRoss

    RRoss If it goes boom or bang, I want to play with it! Lifetime Supporting Member

    OK, well, I FINALLY got to the range to test the dry lube theory. Unfortunatly, I was only able to fire about 75 rounds or so because my wife was having issues with her gun (thats for another thread). However, I CAN say that the dry lube made cleaning a HELL of a lot easier. I was able to do my basic cleaning with nothing more than an old toothbrush. I have to admit that it sped things up for me at home, although I find cleaning my gun almost as therapeutic as shooting it. After brushing everything out, I powdered everything up and reassembled without blowing it out as I did before. I worked the slide several times and blew off any powder that was expelled out onto the exterior of the gun. after working the slide a few times, I can honestly say everything feels as smooth as glass. It really is impressive. Here are a couple shots of what the re-lubed slide and lower look like now.

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