Dry Fire Exercises Help!

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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that for the past week I have been doing dry fire exercises, and BOY does it help. I bought a 6 pack of A-Zoom snap caps last week, and holy crap you need to get some if you dont have them and have never used them. I am heading up to wisconsin this weekend and plan on doing some shooting, Ill post some pictures up when I come back, but I ABSOLUTELY recommend picking a few up and practicing your trigger pulls!

    - Bryan
  2. I never bothered with the snap caps, can't hurt the glock dry

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    I dry fire my G23 when it's been a while since going to the range. Never used the snap caps. Are they worth it?
  4. Yeah, I feel like it helps cycling them through manually too... helps you practice clearing malfunctions too, just me though lol
  5. I only paid like $12 for a 6 pack, figured it wasnt a big price tag or anything, so no biggie for me, but I like having them, I mean, I know dry firing wont hurt a glock, but still, just a mind over matter kind of thing I guess
  6. I'm probably just too lazy to keep picking them up
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    Now that's funny!
  8. Lol yeah, true sometimes.... but I HIGHLY recommend some kind of dry firing for EVERYONE really helps learn your trigger pull
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    I Dry Fire every day! Actually at night. I keep one of my Back up G21's and G30's by my Couch. Both Guns stay unloaded all the time and the Mags that are around it are never loaded. But I practice Dry firing every night while I am watching TV. I practice Drawing and firing. And just working on my Trigger Control! Standing, Sitting and from the kneeling!
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    Another thing to try while dry firing is to work on your trigger control and help identify/fix any flinching or whatever is to place an empty casing on the end of the slide over the front sight or directly behind it for those sights that are too big... The goal is to fire smooth without knocking the casing down and off the slide... It works well and helps prepare those for competition or LEO firearms certifications :)
  11. OP - glad to hear you've discovered the uses of snap caps and dry fire! Added benefit is if you purchase a different brand name firearm in the future that would be damaged if dry fired with no snap cap in it's chamber, you wouldn't have to worry about it anyway because you're already in the habit of using them.
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    Big vote for doing dry fire with snap caps and tap rack drills. It not only helps with trigger control but also muscle memory at point of aim.
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    I also use snap caps and recently discovered another great tool. It's from Laserlyte- a cartridge that loads & stays in chamber. Gives a quick laser blip when you pull trigger. Shows exactly where you hit and shows any jerking. Over $100 on their site. I think it was around $70+ from Cheaperthandirt.com?
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    I actually thought of getting one of these but wanted to talk to some one who uses it to see if it would be worth it. So you use the laserlyte? They look very useful!
  15. Hmmm... that sounds VERY cool, I may just have to look into that...
  16. this may be a noob question, but what are tap rack drills?
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    Take a magazine and load it with snap caps. Cycle the slide to put the snap cap into battery. Pull the trigger, click simulates a failure to fire. Tap the mag with your off hand to seat the mag, rack the slide to clear the malfunction and load new snap cap. regain sight picture and repeat.
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    Tap, Rack and Bang is the normal method for clearing Malfunctions. As BD says this is a Good drill for practicing clearing malfunctions. You can also include snap caps when you go to the range and have some one load your mag up putting snap caps interspersed with live ammo. That way you are not ready for it like it would be in a real life shooting situation.

    TAP: Tap the Magazine Bottom hard to ensure the Magazine is seated and not causing the malfunction.
    RACK: Pulling the slide to the rear and letting it go. Either using the slingshot method or the over the top method!
    BANG: Pull the trigger and if the Malfunction is cleared your firearm will go Bang!

    Hope that helps. Go to youtube there are hundreds of videos on the subject!
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    I use this along with the target system and it helps tremendously with my trigger pull