Dropping Glock in C1 will it fire??

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by dslmac2, May 31, 2012.

  1. dslmac2

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    I was just thinking and I do not see me doing this but it could happen to someone because I have seen several people mention Running or Biking with there Glocks.

    So...say a Glock is in a comfortable holster that one prefers for exercising and slips out or falls out for some reason, would it fire if it was in Condition 1??

    Running would be obviously around waist height and movement would be quicker than just walking, would this cause it to fire?

    Biking, the firearm would be at a slightly higher height and the movement would be increased by 8 to 20 mph, so would this cause it to fire?
  2. kodiak

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    That's what the drop safety is for, and which is why it is not a good idea to drop in those aftermarket triggers with the slack taken up ....on a carry gun.

  3. dslmac2

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    So no matter the pounds-per-pressure the Glock hits the ground, be it a drop or thrown... the drop safety wins? That would be a cool test to do, but I am not going to do it.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    I would confidently throw my glock out of an air plane, and this has been done, knowing that it will not fire...
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    Nope will not fire. There are some YouTube videos that demonstrates this. Also was told by my father in law (Glock armorer) that when a local dept. was shopping for duty weapons a representative from Glock put a snap cap in the chamber and proceeded to throw gun all over the room and the trigger never moved, no fire.
  6. Danzig

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    I love when a factory rep beats the hell out of their gun confident it'll still work.
    Ever catch this one;
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    It's impossible to fire when dropped. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or altered the pistol's safety system.
  9. Not much but, I was taking a crap. When my G23 took about a 8 or 9 inch tumble to the bathroom floor in C1. The way it landed, let's say it did go off I would have been messed up. But she was ok.
    I can't see it happening.
  10. G-23

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    As you well know by now, no it should not fire. Why?

    Because the Safe Trigger System prevents the chain of events that will occur.

    1. The trigger safety has to be moved to the rear before;
    2. The firing pin safety is released (pressed upward) by the vertical extention;
    3. The drop safety then allows the triggerbar to be released (guided) downward releasing the firing pin.

    That is the chain of events that take place when you pull the trigger. None will occur until the trigger safety is released.
  11. EvilD

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    Glocks fire when the trigger is pulled, that's it. If if fires any other way something is broken.
  12. Eye_Peeled

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    To add to the above...

    The beauty of it is that even if "3" inadvertently happened (for some reason), the firing pin STILL would not strike the primer without "2" happening, which can't occur without depressing the trigger.
  13. Happysniper1

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    As others have already mentioned, the interdependent internal safeties built into a Glock SHOULD prevent the firing pin from releasing and striking the primer when dropped. It is what they were designed to do. That is why they are called "safe action pistols".

    However, there may be instances where circumstances will conspire to fail the safeties, such as worn or altered parts. These circumstances can mostly be identified and rectified in the course of normal cleaning and inspection. They are after all only mechanical safeties and anything that rubs against any other thing will eventually wear.

    Way back in the days before it became a money-making process, there was something called the California Drop Test, wherein a firearm was dropped from varying heights onto steel on concrete surfaces to determine if the mechanism will fail and cause the gun to fire when dropped. Glocks passed all these tests. Nowadays, the California Drop Test has turned into a means for the government of California to obtain horrendous fees from gun manufacturers in order to apply the CDT to the particular gun....they still do the test, but many manufacturers refuse to pay the fees (which means the guns do not pass the CDT, because the CDT was never applied to them!) and because the gun is then no longer CDT certified, it cannot be sold in California. There are however some guns that actually fail the CDT (I have one of them) and will certainy fire when dropped, but Glocks ain't one of them!

  14. Glockmaster

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    I have recently dropped my G27 down a pretty steep hill it was locked & loaded and never went off. It tumbled down the hill pretty good too!!
  15. one of the reasons i bought a glock. if its good enough for the FBI CIA and LEO's then its good enough for my. my dad even has a department issued G22. I love my Glock and always will.
  16. jmiles50

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    I mean seriously!!! That is one of the first things I heard about Glock, back in the 90's. Glocks DO NOT go bang without pulling the trigger.............c'mon man!
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    should be completely good to go. glocks are sturdy. I saw a guy on youtube chuck it out of a plane over a field and the round that was chambered didn't fire when it hit the ground going a few hundred miles an hour i think it was roughly 500 feet high...so i doubt it falling from your holster would do anything unless you somehow modified things to have a "hair" type trigger which isn't really safe anyways
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    Great info everyone. Thank you.