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Discussion in 'GSSF / IDPA / Competition' started by HairTrigger, May 14, 2012.

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    I was wanting to know wether or not drop leg holsters are allowed for use in IDPA and USPSA competitions. I don't shoot competitively yet but I plan to start in the near future in USPSA, IDPA, and/or GSSF. Thanx in advance for all of your assisstance. (PS: I live in the Gainesville Florida area and will probably be shooting USPSA at a shooting club in Hernando. Let me know if you guys are around there.)
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  3. HairTrigger

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    Sweet! I'm really looking forward to starting USPSA. I swear I was just panting at the thought!! Haha!
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    Don't know that drop-leg holsters wouldn't be allowed, but wouldn't they be a disadvantage in competition?
  5. If you get one buy the UTG. It's 15 on Amazon and tougher than all of my high end platforms.
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    Pic of rig?
  7. Pm me in the morn and remind me
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    I don't know if they are legal but I used one (Mandatory) for a while on out SWAT Team and most of us Hated them! I know I did. Would not use one again unless I worked where they were Mandatory and I would seriously ask myself if it would be worth it to work there! I dislike them so bad. I know Most who never used them much think they are Tacticool but not me nor most of our Team! THat is Just my 2 cents worth from someone who used one for 2 yrs!
  9. My UTG stays put and is super comfortable, I love it. I use it when I'm hunting/fishing/horses etc
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    a typical drop leg holster would not be allowed in idpa or uspsa. idpa is going to require concealment although they allow LEO's to use their duty gear I do not believe that a thigh rig would be acceptable as duty gear. As far as uspsa the division you shoot determines what type of holster you can use. production has to be suited for every day carry. which typically means a normal kydex or the like. limited/limted 10 allow race holsters but the butt of the gun cannot be below the belt. the bladetech doh is popular but it has to be adjusted to meet the requirements set forth in the rule book. I have never shot or seen a gssf match so I am no help to you on that sport...

    have fun and go to the range often..