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Dpms ar-15

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Anybody have any thoughts on this brand of ar?
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In my experience, very good choice in terms of milspec compliance, durability, as well as accuracy of manufacture. I only buy lower receivers and other parts, so I cannot comment on whole ARs.
I heard they are good.
I highly recommend Stag Arms and their Plus Package.
I have two ARs, a RRA and a Stag.
Everybody talks about how good RRA are, and it's true, they are really good. But, I like my Stag more.
Either one would be a great rifle.
They make some great AR-15's and AR-10's. They are a great overall company.
They're good but not the best. It'll be reliable enough for any casual shooter. I would recommend LMT, Rock River Arms, Sig Arms 556 SWAT Patrol, or BCM.
Look into Daniel Defense I have a ddm4v7 and wouldn't regret my decision one bit. I was looking into the dpms as well same with Colt and I went with the Daniel Defense. The skies the limit when you are dealing with ar's it is also addicting before I knew it I dropped $2200 on the rifle and optics, back up iron sights, accessories so be prepared to fall into the sickness they call Ar's buddy.
I looked long and hard at DPMS and liked what I saw. As it happens, my shooting buddy just got one and we took it to the range for its first outing this past Sunday. Tightly put together, well-finished, shot beautifully. I ended up with Windham Weaponry, from the company established a couple of years ago by Richard ****, the original founder of Bushmaster. After he sold Bushmaster to the Cerberus group some years back, they closed the plant in Windham, Maine, and when his non-competition period ended he got together a team from the original Bushmaster and started Windham Weaponry. I absolutely love this rifle.
My upper is a DPMS Oracle, been flawless. No issues, very accurate. I shoot 3 gun competition with it no failures thus far. 5-6k rounds thru it.
Thnx for the info fellas
A Primer on how to select an AR?

With so many manufacturers and such a variety of aftermarket doo-dads, is there any authoritative primer on how to select an AR?

I am pulling together a battery of weapon systems for 'just in case' and I need to find a decent battle rifle to augment my PD shotguns and my food pot .22. Frankly, I dont have the foggiest idea of where to begin and what to look for.

Any input would be appreciated..
Are the DPMS AR-15 lowers in stock? Cause when I went to go get a DPMS LR-.308 lower a month or so back they told me they were on back order.
I have a DPMS sweet 16 (16" barrel M-4 style in 5.56), and have run 3500 rounds though it so far. It is extremely reliable for me, as well as accurate. I shoot long range, and for practice I hunt prairie dogs. I frequently shoot at 400 to 500 yards and it is spot on.
I unfortunately cannot compare it for you with other brands since I don't own them, but I LOVE my DPMS.
DeepSeaGod said:
Thnx havic
No problem...hope it helps.

P.S. welcome to the forum, it's a great place, so stick around...I'm sure you will find something you like.
Only taken mine out once so far but I love it!

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DPMS Oracle


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Nell2Glocks said:
Only taken mine out once so far but I love it!

DPMS Oracle
Very nice Nell
I have a DPMS and it's a great gun. The only thing I didn't like was the factory trigger. Lots of pull and tons of creep. Once I replaced that, it's great. I like my Rock River more though. It shoots anything you put in it and really smooth gun. I would recommend Rock River first but if your already looking at the DPMS I say go with it. They are both really good rifles. Couple of the top makers for price. Hope I could help.
Hey Nell, I had those Jordans in your avatar when they came out in 1996 or so. No one else in 8th grade was rocking them ;)
GlockfanAZ said:
Hey Nell, I had those Jordans in your avatar when they came out in 1996 or so. No one else in 8th grade was rocking them ;)
Lol! Those are the best ones ever made in my opinion! Those and the 4's!
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