doubts about a Gen 4 glock 19

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    for weeks now I have looked into a few options for my carry gun. I came to the conclusion that I liked the 4th generation glock 19 better than anything else I looked at. the only thing I am concerned about is all the ejection problems I have seen on the internet. does anyone know if they have worked out the bugs or should I go ahead and purchase it with no worries?
  2. Yes they are completely worked out. Look for test fire date after 11/11 and make sure the ejector has 30274 stamped on it. I have several Gen3's and two Gen4 19's. I'm many thousand rounds into my Gen4's with no issue. BUY IT! There was a small issue but the net blew it way out of proportion.
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  3. And if its before that, Glock will pay for you to ship them the gun and they will make the repairs free.
  4. tarheelpaul704

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  5. Webphisher

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    Amazing gun, get it now.
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    I have a G19 Gen 4, brand new out of the box, purchased Sept of 2011, shot a two day Combat Focused Shooting class, approx 1100 rounds not one FTE... Also was concerned with problems, Glock mailed me the replacement recoil spring and paid for the return shipping of old one.
    This is a Great Gun!
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    Warranty Return Cost

    I was an unfortunate soul that bought one of the problematic G19 gen4's. It would misfeed anywhere from one or twice in 100 rounds, or as often as 3 or 5 times per in 15 rounds.

    Just shipped it back to Glock. They DO NOT provide a shipping account number or a RMA. Also, firearms can only be shipped overnight. It cost me nearly $50 to ship it. Last time I checked, that's about 2 boxes of good ammo.

    So my question is, how does Glock make this up to you? Or do you just have to suck it up and be glad they are fixing it?
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    I wouldn't worry about it too much. Listen to Mike P and either make sure it has the 30274 ejector in it or call Glock and have them send you one.
  9. They paid for my return both ways in december since it was warranty work. Dont know how you ended up paying to ship.
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    I e-mailed about the problem using the Glock "contact us" form, and I was sent an e-mail saying to send it in, along with a shipping form stating that I was responsible for shipping. Maybe I should call them and see if I can be reimbursed.
  11. To late. When you contacted them did you state "warranty"? That may be the little key to having them pay shipping. I used the email option also and was then contacted by phone from them. They emailed me a pre paid shipping label. I also was very detailed with any issues I was having.
  12. One thing I have learned is it really depends on which tech you talk to or which one takes your emails as to the level of service you get from them.
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    Certainly can't hurt to try that
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    Good news! I just called Glock and told them about having to pay for shipping, and they said that if I call back with my serial number, they may be able to throw in a couple of spare mags to offset the cost! I will keep you updated. If they follow through with this, I will no longer be a disgruntled Glock owner! :)
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    Ok, so I just got my G19 Gen4 cleaned up and polished after 3 days of shooting, roughly 700rnds. I used the Federal Champion 115gr ammo that I've been getting for $20/100rnds. The brass has stopped ejecting in my face and fires like a champ. Love love love this gun and have zero complaints on it what so ever. This gun is an amazing first purchase for me. I've compared it to my dad's S&W M&P9. We both got them with in a day of each other, and I love my Glock over the S&W. I'm not saying I don't live the S&W, just that I love my Glock better :D
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    i love mine, i have gen 4 in 19 23 26. i just got the 23 and only fired 100 rounds in it, so its hard for me to say, but the 19 and 26 have 1000+ rounds thru each without a single issue!
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    I'll be glad when my new G19 Gen4 quits ejecting shells in my face. I've only fed around 150 rounds through it.
  18. tarheelpaul704

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    well good news is I got my new glock a few days ago. bad news is it has not shot a full clip without at least two jams or it just refuses to feed the next round. any ideas why it's fighting me at every turn?
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    Personally, I don't believe that Glock's Gen4 G-19 problems have been either understated, blown out of proportion, or have now completely disappeared. In my opinion (and, 'like all things Glock') some Gen4 G-19's are going to run better than others. ​

    I just spent this afternoon kibitzing with two of the best Glock gunmen I've met in quite awhile. While we talked, one of them did me a big favor and performed a beautiful frame stippling job on both of my G-21's. (Maybe I'll post pictures!) ​

    Anyway, the opinion in the room was unanimous: Each of us thought that our 3rd generation G-19's were one of the best carry pistols out there. The fellow who stippled my G-21 frames told a story about how he got sick and tired of his brand new Gen4 G-19 wacking him in the head with spent cartridge cases. ​

    He said he owned that Gen4 G-19 for less than a month; Glock tech support did nothing but jerk him around; and he finally got fed up and decided to get rid of it. So he took his brand new Gen4 G-19 to a local dealer and traded it in on a brand new 3rd generation pistol. ​

    You should see the 3rd generation G-19 he purchased, too! It has a beautifully machined TSD Combat Systems slide that is fitted with perfectly co:witnessed Ameri-Glo night sights and a Trijicon 3.5 MOA (adjustable brightness) RMR optical combat gunsight. The sight mount - which can be a nuisance to install - has been expertly inletted into the rear of the slide! ​

    (He could have bought 3 Glocks for what he paid for this outstanding 3rd generation G-19! I left his place about 3 hours ago; and I'm still, 'green with envy'.) :D

    According to many of the people on Glock Talk, the replacement #30274 ejectors, and the new (MIM?) extractors haven't solved all of the problems with Gen4 G-19's. (Neither has the new 0-4-3 RSA.) These replacement parts have only solved feeding and ejection problems in SOME Glock pistols. Anyone who doesn't believe this is welcome to perform the following search. Type this query into your Google text box: ​

    " G19, Ejection Problems, Gen 4" (Drop the quote marks - OK!) ​

    Here's some interesting outside reading for you: ​

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    I like the gen 3 glock 19 better that gen 4. But that's just me