Double tap vs controlled pair

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  1. Alright shooters weigh in and let's discuss this topic. I see a lot more first time handgun owners now so I'm bringing it up, they are all talking about self defense so to the experienced shooters what is more applicable to that type of situation? What's the difference between the two? How does one start to practice and use it efficiently?
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    A double tap is when you take two shots just by resetting the trigger enough and taking your second shot immediately. This requires practice because you cannot let your finger lose contact with the trigger. And you also cannot slap or jerk the trigger. It slowly gets built up over time. Your grip must also be very good to reduce muzzle rise and control the recoil while keeping your sights on target. Unless you are very comfortable doing double taps it is not recommended in self defense because your second shot can go way off target and strike someone else. I'm guessing a controlled pair would be 2 shots of course but taken slower in order to control your sight picture and trigger pull accordingly. A controlled pair will be more accurate regardless of skill but with good practice a double tap will still be accurate.

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    I practiced double taps with what mauro described. Only letting the trigger out enough to reset and never letting go of it. It was actually very effective out to about 10 yards for me. What I did was I used muscle memory to "feel" where the gun was pointed, and after the first shot, it went there naturally again for the second shot. I can see this being a pretty effective method for self defense, although unless there are multiple attackers, I will be putting more than 2 shots into the person who is trying to take my life.
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    Excellent thread topic, never thought of the difference so I'm interested to hear from those with more experience. Might be another topic, but do you all practice shooting with both eyes open. Seems like this could come up in a SD scenario.
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    I was under the impression both terms were one in the same.
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    In the current gunning vernacular, it's the same.

    Today's "double tap" is a "controlled pair" performed as fast as you can accurately manage.

    I was taught as an infantryman, that a "double tap" is the second shot you put into a defender as you assault through the objective thereby insuring there are no "opossums" amongst the wounded. ;)
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    For me 2 controlled shots are more accurate than a quick bang, bang. But I just need more range time. :)