Double Alpha Racer Holster for Glocks

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by bigtimelarry, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. bigtimelarry

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    DAA Racer Holster specifically for all Glocks. I used it in Limited class for 2 month's and sold my limited gun. When they are new the Glocks dont fit real good, i took it apart and gently filed it for exact fitment. It's ready all you do it mount it to your belt. It is in mint condition. $ 99.00 & 10.00 shipping.. I take Paypal & Checks.

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  2. davidchile

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    Hey do you still have the holster for sale?

  3. 40caljim

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    Guys this is a nice holster. I use the same holster for my open Glock.
  4. Glockinator19

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    Doesn't look like a holster lol I'm looking at the picture trying to figure out how it works lol. I'm not experienced with competition style holsters, but am going to get into it now that I just got a 35 gen 4
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