Doomsday Preppers!!

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  1. Me: HUN!!!! Check out this preview it's a new show!!

    Her: ...........

    Me: O.O

    Her: .........No, No, No, No.

    Me: What?

    Her: No, no no. Cancel the DVR, forget it exists, no. I'm not having you blow through money on guns and fall out 3 gear.

    Me: ..........................well we should be prepared.

  2. skymedik

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    LMAO.... Glad I'm not the only one getting crap about it!!

  3. Kmurray96

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    Hell! I already have spare ammo, batteries, fire starters, snare wire and water purification tablets buried in PVC pipes. Like Johnny Appleseed.

    [ame][/ame] Swedish fire tourch
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  4. I've done some minor prepping but NOTHING in comparison to most of the doomsdayers.
  5. jimmyalbrecht

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    Hey, people make fun of them, but when the SHTF, these people will be laughing.
  6. TxShooter

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    Also help run and the amount of people converting to prepping is crazy. I'm bias but I like the tone of PS because it's just general prepping and not all gloom and doom zombie talk.
  7. DVCguns

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    The fact that the show is a series now is pretty good evidence that the American people are interested. Even people that are clueless are scared these days. They don't know what of or how to prepare but they know the music is going to stop soon and there are too few chairs in the room for everyone to have a seat.

    Argentine, Britain, Greece, 1929... it's not a matter of "if" any longer. Unless the .gov turns from their overspending and takes back their right to print money at no interest from the Fed. nothing is going to change.

    Only one hope remains of doing so and his name is Ron Paul. It's a slim hope though because the American people can not fathom living in poverty so it can't happen, right?
  8. I love the press around it, now people will do things they should have been doing all along.
  9. KeenansGarage

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    I have lived in hurricane zones for the past 30 years...being prepared is just natural!
  10. american lockpicker

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    I've noticed a certain water purifier I wanted to get last year has gotten a $100 price increase this year I'm blaming it 2012 crap. :mad:
  11. Its only going to get worse. People who are natural preppers like a lot of us are putting together components for home made MREs and stuff and selling them at high prices on eBay to cash in on the panic.
  12. GAdmin

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    My wife does the same thing, "Don't go getting ideas!", but I do anyways.

    I want a bunker.
  13. Kmurray96

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    The "European" American took over 300 years to defeat the Native American with all its advanced (for the time) technology. And the Seminole was never actually defeated.

    They used nature in their defense. Being in a bunker makes you a static target and a prime target at that.

    I think a patch of land, slightly elevated, with a clear field of fire would be better. Geese provide an excellent first alert and food if SHTF. Holly bushes under windows and around the perimeter are a poor man's barbed wire.

    A bug-out route with an ambush spot is good idea. And if you live in the SE, the strategically placed box of rattle snakes with trip wires can expose your enemies when snakes dropping among them can start the break dance competition. :)

    Actually, if SHTF does happen, I think the majority of survivors will be Native Americans, Eagle Scouts and Marines. And mostly from Alaska, Louisiana and Texas.
  14. MikeDeltaRomeo

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    I am converting to become a Prepper; I've always had plenty of weapons and ammo. Now I am making an intiative to get some survival supplies.
  15. I've always been a prepper. I prepare daily for disaster and emergency, I'm just not quite over the top like these TV people. Plus you will never see me on TV, why would I want to advertise to my neighbors and such that I have all this? They will be the first ones the frightened mob of civilians attacks for supplies when Walmart is down.