Doomsday Preppers...bad, bad, bad

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    I get a kick out of these people that spend thousands of dollars on shelters and stock piling months of food. Have we as a society dumbed-down that much?

    It took European technology, tactics and the latest weaponry to fight the native Americans (Indians) for close to 300 years to obtain what amounted to a draw. (We never did defeat the Seminoles)

    The Maginot Line fell to the Nazis, the Siegfried Line to the Allies. Corregidor fell to the Japanese. Subsequently every fortified Japanese held island fell to the American onslaught.

    And finally, for over 10 years, America never lost a battle in Vietnam, but North Vietnam won the war.

    Anybody starting to see the common thread here? History speaks to you if you'll just listen to it.

    No "fortified" position or base camp can survive if you don't have the cavalry to come to your rescue. And if SHTF, ain't nobody going to have a "force in reserve".

    If SHTF does happen in our lifetime, learning how to can tomatoes won't be near as important as learning how to make and set a rabbit snare. Long term survival will come down to...see it, kill it, eat it.

    That means getting your precious hiney to the range and getting proficient in your weapon of choice. And don't be down about the old trusty bow and arrow either. (re: Native Americans...again)

    Bow hunters will tell you. Many times they can drop a deer and if there's a group standing around, a lot of times they pretty much just stand there dumbfounded. Arrow down the first, shoot the second. Lots of meat for your group. Hell, shoot a wild pig and they'll be in the next county in a heartbeat.
  2. Danzig

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    I haven't seen the show. Some people are geared up for nuclear winter. No armies or animals left.


  3. KeenansGarage

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    They pretty much found the most eccentric ones to film! I like that show not for l the people, but for the one or two pieces of information I might glean off of it. Who knows what little tip that they show might help out in a hurricane evacuation! :D
  4. laober

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    What show are you talking about?
  5. dutchs

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    It's on cable, It is called DOOMSDAY PREPPERS. If you have Netflix it may have an old season on it.
  6. u0314

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    Dutchs- I totally agree with you. I watch it when I want to laugh out loud. Shows like that are what give guns a bad wrap. Idiocy pure and simple!
  7. dutchs

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    Good comidic relief sometimes!
  8. laober

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    Haven't seen that one. I've watched the doomsday bunkers show on discovery.
  9. dutchs

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    It's on the same channel. I beleive in being prepared but these are a bunch of loonies. Kinda funny really..... and sad.....:(
  10. butcherboy

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    The truth of the matter is I look at new Orleans and all that happened with Katrina and I think having a emergency plan of action and a least a few weeks worth of food and water. Living so close to mount Rainer here in Seattle, I personally feel that I should be prepared for a natural disaster such as volcanic eruption or earthquake. So I keep enough items to feed my family and and I for about two weeks, and enough ammunition to hunt,or protect my home and family.
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    I believe it's important to be prepared for a short amount of time also. Medical supplies, water, basic food, and a s*** load of ammo. My family is the most important thing to me, I have to take care of them no matter what. Preppers are most definitely their own breed, and like anything else, some people go over board. I live in a rural area with lots of animals around, I'll make it if need be, no need to spend thousands on astronaut food that I'll never eat.
  12. Some folks do go a bit over board on that show but a person should still have a few food stocks and water set back for an emergency. Also have firearms and ammo to protect the family and food/water.
    Mostly in a small town like Crossville we'd probably come together and work together, not like a big city where it'd be Dog eat Dog. A months worth of supplies should be enough so that small communities will be able to form groups and get things on some level of "normal" so that food and water will become available. Of course, like I said, they'll be those who didn't prepare that will want to come to our small towns and try to take our food and water, that's where the firearms come into play.
    I think the movie "The Postman" shows how it might be after the disaster. Lots of small communities eeking out a living, growing their own food and having their own little governments set up to take care of the local populace.
    Even if shows like this are mostly a "joke" you can still pick up a few tips and tricks from watching them. Just glean out the stuff you like and forget the stuff you don't. ;)
  13. A generation or two ago, the average family was "prepared" without even knowing it.
    Today, it just seems like common sense to keep enough supplies to last out a 2-4 week disruption. I guess if making a 2-4 week supply is fun enough maybe you could make a hobby out of it. Just don't go on a show and tell the world that you have 10 years of food in your garage, doh!
  14. Glocku

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    I watched some of these shows and everything is kinda crazy. I'm almost positive in a disaster your natural survival instincts will kick in that's why we are the top of the food chain. The only thing I learned on these shows was that a guy said you will need three things GOD, GUNS, and GOODS everything else will be obsolete.
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    Exactly, well said!
  16. Kmurray96

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    The most important thing you'll need is a way to purify water. You can eat insects and worms if you are desperate, but water is primo. The ability to start a fire is almost 1a.

    In my stash caches, I keep 1lb. of Minute Rice with a couple of beef boulion cubes in a Foodsaver vacuum bags and a can of spam.
  17. Shep482

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    Yep some of these people are fun to laugh at Media loves to show the wack jobs so the rest of us preppers look bad too.

    Well I'm sitting right now in a short term disaster as we speak. Fort Wayne In, got hit with one kick butt storm yesterday. 91mph winds on the front end of it. 80k out of power. Seriously scary. I was in a bucket truck when it hit.

    My moderate preps,( bottled water, canned food ,lanterns, propane, extra canned food etc. )have really come in handy. Nearby grocery has no power. No biggie.
    We will get through.might be Wednesday before everybody is back on. This has made me realize I should have some big bags of ice in the deep freeze for coolers on hand.

    My point is don't throw out the baby with the bath water. As had been said , there are nuggets of good advice between the kookiness.
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  19. GlockIt

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    You ever see the one where the guy is bragging about making pipe bombs/shows us them and then hes showing us where he'll put them on his property if an intruder comes, then he detonates them.
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    Just an interesting cartoon on pet paranoias.

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