Don't Mess With a Marine!

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    Drug-Crazed, Nude Man Breaks into Marine's House, Welcomed by Three Bullets
    Quick News Self Defense - 05.21.2012
    Story by: dabneybailey
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    [​IMG] A Marine who shot and killed a nude intruder in self defense will not be facing prosecution.

    The story behind this event, as reported by The Daily News, is an odd one. David Darling, a 22-year-old North Carolina resident, was running up and down a neighborhood street buck naked shouting, "This is the worst trip of my life!" Well, it was about to get a lot worse.

    After narrowly missing getting hit by a car, Darling ran to a nearby house. The resident, a wife of a Marine, opened the front door to find Darling in his birthday suit talking about a cigarette. The woman was understandably perturbed, especially because her two toddlers were asleep upstairs.

    She locked the door while her Marine husband went to retrieve his .45-caliber 1911 pistol. Undeterred, Darling tried to break into the house. When Darling began slamming his shoulder into the front door, the Marine warned the crazed man that he had a gun, but Darling responded that he wanted a gun too. Shortly thereafter, Darling dove through a window, prompting the Marine to unload three rounds into his back. They tried to render aid to Darling after he was wounded, but it was already too late.

    District Attorney Ernie Lee said about the case, "The occupants of the residence were justified in using deadly force." Yeah, talk about an understatement. Whatever this guy was on (they did not perform a drug test), he was certified bonkers and clearly could have hurt somebody. After hearing this tale, we're not sure what the more important moral of the story is: don't mess with drugs, or don't mess with a MARINE!:D
  2. He is lucky, since the rounds went in his back.

    Good for him!

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    What an idiot. It is beyond my comprehension why anyone would act that way. Thank God that marine was home to handle this. Other wise we might have been reading a different story
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    You would think a drug screen would be performed during an autopsy. I think it would be part of an investigation.
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    "I want a gun too!..." hahahahahaha

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    I am thinking the DA understood that when Drug Crazed Idiot crashes through window it is not necessary to stop and ask him his intentions! Fire away and shot until the threat is neutralized! I.m guessing that there are only 10 or so Liberal States you would have to worry about that in!
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    Sounds like he was on mushrooms or some other heavy mind altering drug. Several years back I was at UCONN Spring weekend and me and my friends were all leaving and heading back to their dorms as it was getting too crazy. I remember walking down a street and hearing glass shattering and then seeing a kid and jump off a two story deck full speed butt naked and get up like it was nothing covered in blood. He must of shattered his leg or his knee as he falling when he was running. Now me and my friends were on a main street that goes through the UCONN and there were two State Police officers who saw the guy running naked I remember telling the state police he jumped out a window and the cop saying "What the f*** ". The kids friends ran outside and said he was on mushrooms.

    Here are several other incidents I heard about involving naked people and drugs
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    Yeah I don't think anyone who has worked in Law Enforcement for any length of time that doesn't have 2 or 10 naked guy on drugs stories. I have a Funny one I might share sometime;) but will leave the disturbing ones alone!

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    Lol I could only imagine the funny drug stories that LEO's have I'll never forget that sight though and the look on the Officers face when he saw the kid.
  10. In story's like these I all ways want to know, did he use HP or FMJ rounds? Just because this whole HP vs. FMJ for personal protection debate.

    Edit: All so, it looks like you can depend on a 1911 to safe your life lol :). You don't need a glock ;).
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    I still want/prefer my 15 +1 just because...
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    I guess the 3.3.3 rule applied in this application. J-will started a thread yesterday about self defense scenarios.
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    It probably will be performed. They send tissues to the lab for toxicology studies and that will probably cover it, but it's not available immediately like a normal drug test.
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    In a state protected by castle doctrine, it doesnt matter. You break into a house you have made your life forfeit.