Does removing a striker spring make a Glock incapable of firing?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by G19Builder, Feb 6, 2018.

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    Recently I was at the range with a friend and they told me they were removing their striker spring from their G19 to make it safer for storage incase their kid got to it.

    This got me thinking, so I removed my striker spring, racked the slide back, manually set the trigger and pulled it to do a basic function test. To my surprise the firing pin still appeared to move when the trigger was pulled, is my understanding incorrect that the striker spring gives the firing pin all the energy it needs to set off the primer?
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    The firing pin spring does indeed 'give the firing pin all the energy it needs to set off the primer'.

    Without the firing pin spring installed, the firing pin is free to move and simply 'rattles around'.

    My guess is that the movement you noted with your experimenting was the firing pin just 'sliding' in the firing pin channel (due to the slight movement of the pistol) with insufficient force to do anything other than rattle.

    That said, it seems to me that there are much easier ways to 'childproof' a firearm. :rolleyes:

    Best regards,

    Bob :)
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  3. SixG17s

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    Yea, it's called a gun safe...
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    Or the little lock that comes with your Glock even..
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  5. SixG17s

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    Perfect, A newbie Glock owner takes out the firing pin spring, and has no idea of how to make it run again....
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  6. ca survivor

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    The best gun safety for kids, is a locked gun, a small safe, or gun case with a lock
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    Kinda the hard way to go about disabling the gun. If he's hell bent on disabling the gun, why would he not just remove the striker intact? What a pain to replace the striker spring every time you want to use the gun.
    The guy really needs a safe, or at least a secure lockup for his firearms.
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    or just remove the complete slide, it be easier to reassemble back if needed in a rush, this is only temporary till he gets a safe, even the case the gun came in can be lock buying a small pad lock