Does anyone know what these 10 digits mean???

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by GlockedUp, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. GlockedUp

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    Ok so while cleanin my G19 today i notice a set of 10 digits on the barrel that i had never noticed on my other 3 glocks G21sf, G29, n G27. So when i go to clean the slide i noticed another set of 10 digits again, so then i moved on to the frame and to my surprise another 10 digits. :confused: so i go n pull out n chek my other glocks n only one that doesnt have em is the G27. The G29 n G21 have em only on the frame, n not on the barrel or slide. Im goin to contact Glock durin the week to see what they have to say. but any 411 on this subject would be helpful Thanx!!

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  2. SHOOTER13

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    Curious myself now...

  3. Superdave85

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    so..i just checked my 26, and I would have sworn that these numbers were not on my gun, but sure enough there they are......i have no idea what they are for, real curious
  4. iGlock

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    I bet everyone is goin to double check their glocks now
  5. jelder

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    It's on my 30. When u find out please let us know
  6. Webphisher

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    You all need to pay more attention when cleaning your guns lol. Noticed those the first day I had it and was cleaning after I shot it. Im guessing it would be part numbers so you can identify if you have a part with a "problem" like the old ejectors. But thats just my thought.

    Although checking my G19 its a different number. Its a Gen 4 if the helps.
  7. Ghost23

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    I believe it's a batch number. Kind of like a serial number for glock so that if they have a recall, they can tell which batch it came from. I don't know for sure, it just seems like the most logical answer.
  8. GlockedUp

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    haha!! i kno i did!! i cheked all mine lol....
  9. GlockedUp

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    yes it does seem like a logical answer but then why doesnt my G27 have any?? and why do my other 2 only have em on the frame itself n not on the slide or barrel. the G19 has all 3 as you can see.
  10. Glock27

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    My G27 Gen 3 have it and one on the frame. One on the looks line a phone number. Lol
  11. Glock27

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  12. G-23

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    Batch & QA #'s
  13. Boracay

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    For what I've read.. It is for inventory control purposes.. Glock are planning to do manufacturing here in the US. I might be wrong though. :)

    **someone here works in the company. he might have the right answer.
  14. iGlock

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    I beileve hes online name is mattA
  15. voyager4520

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    It's a production number. Some of the newest barrels have a "dot matrix" on the rear barrel lug that is used for the same thing, I haven't seen it on the newest barrels so perhaps it wasn't working reliably and they decided to put the number on the other side of the barrel. On the newest frames there's also a "dot matrix" on the frame under the trigger housing.
  16. I suspect MattA will be changing his profile name soon.

    He was just excited to work there and share his enthusiasm, I doubt he's excited to get a bunch of questions.
  17. M22

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    Just checked my 22 built in '98 has 3 sets of digits on the slide only. My 27 built in '04 has 5 sets of digits on the slide only. Neither had corresponding # sets on frame or barrel.
  18. KeenansGarage

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    I so did! Curiosity killed the cat.

    I have a 10 digits on the frame, and 4 digits on the barrel and slide. Go figure. I am sure they are batch numbers.
  19. Happysniper1

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    Didn't have to check my G26 and G30, I know there ain't anything like it on 'em.

    This a Gen4? All of mine are Gen3.
  20. iGlock

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    I got 4 digits on slide and 4 on barrel