Does ammo jacket matter?

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    Hey guys just wondering how you feel about ammo with other jackets besides brass? I've heard to stay away from aluminum. Thoughts?
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    You mean cases? I've shot brass, steel, and aluminum and all my guns ate it all up with no hiccups.

    Some don't like steel or aluminum for one reason or another. They are also non-reloadable.

    Me? I'll continue to buy the steel and aluminum as long as they stay cheaper than brass. For range ammo. Carry ammo is strictly Hornady Critical Defense.

  3. Ok. Are you talking about bullet jacket or are you talking about case material. Two separate subjects.

    Bullet make or type is not an issue as long as it is not lead. Full Metal Jackets, or FMJ, work just fine. Jacket Hollow points are fine too. Any bullet, as long as it has a jacket, is ok. It is not a good idea to shoot exposed lead bullets in factory barrels because of the way the barrel is made. I hear a lot of people do it, so its up to you. The barrel will lead up pretty fast with lead bullets and I don't want to work that hard to get it out.

    Case type. Brass, Aluminum, even steel cased ammo all work just fine in my Glocks.

    Hope this helps.


    All case materials will feed reliable, however, the steel cased ammo will wear out your extractor faster than other materials because of its hardness.
    Had a guy come up to me at the Indy 1500 show with an extractor issue and sure enough, a small portion of the extractor tip had been broken. It was a used gun,Mao he didn't know it's history, but that was probably caused by slamming the slide closed with a round already loaded in the chamber. A definite no-no for extractors.
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    I've never had a shooting problem with aluminum-cased Blazer. I've shot thousands of rounds of it, never had a problem shooting it. But, I've had several issues with bullet setback to make me start worrying about it, and I've started reloading, so I'm sticking with brass cases.

    The top 2 are typical-length blazer rounds. The bottom is what happens occasionally when I extract a live round. When it's fed into the chamber, it apparently hits the feed ramp hard enough to shove the bullet into the case a noticeable bit. I'm sure it's happened without me knowing about it, and as much Blazer as Glocks shoot, I don't think it causes a problem, but I find it a bit unsettling.