Do you keep a round in the tube?

Discussion in 'Conceal & Open Carry' started by mike954, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. blackdog

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    Always! A half loaded gun is just as bad as an unloaded gun when it comes to personal protection
  2. hammerfest05

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    Yes deffinantly keep one in the pipe for ccw. Guns can be carried this way. You just have to use your head as far as safety goes.
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  3. armedcitizen

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    It is policy for LE to carry condition 1. You resort to your lowest level of training in a critical situation. If you have no training then you will more than likely panic. Get training and practice because shooting is a perishable skill. And think about if you have to send rounds down range at a threat. If you miss and hit bystander you own that round as well. It's a HUGE responsibility to carry a firearm!
  4. ppags84

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    I currently don't, just started carrying about 2 months ago and until I'm confident that I won't make a mistake I'll continue to carry that way. I fully intend to keep "one in the tube" once I'm more sure of myself.
  5. OfficerOnDuty

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    Very well said.
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    Your just like me but I just started carrying 2 weeks ago, I started out carrying with trigger pulled back but now after some good advice on here? Im practicing pulling & dry firing also checking my trigger in "Ready" mode through daily far? so good. I tried chambering a round and walkimg with it earlier before I left the house but still got a little "spook" in me but long as we stay aware, smart, and determined? We'll be carrying in condition 1 in no time.
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    Does a one-legged duck swim in a circle? The whole reason I went to a Glock, point and shoot, milliseconds count.
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    I ccw everyday everywhere I can within legal guidelines for pa I do keep one in the pipe when in public at home I do not keep one in due to being unholstered carrying an unloaded gun in public what's the point of having that gun **** is going to go down and go down quick there is not to many times u are going to have time to react load aim and shoot its a second nature when it comes to me shooting and that's due to a lot of practice at the range at home i find its best to draw at home ready to fire and at the range I draw and then fire as if in a real life situation
  9. I carry for work and it is policy that we have one in the pipe. CCW goes in effect here in IL in January 2014. Once I am CCW'ed, I don't see any reason to carry differently then I already do.
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  11. SK23

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    Did you know Old Macdonald was a really bad speller?

    Yes, always one in the pipe.