Do you keep a round in the tube?

Discussion in 'Conceal & Open Carry' started by mike954, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. mike954

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    Hey Glock brothers just wondering when you guys cc your flocks is the a round in the chamber I'm not to comfortable doing it because of the safety my first gun.was a Beretta cougar 45. I loved it but to damn heavy to carry so I sold it and bought a g36 and never looked back
  2. Always carry it Locked and loaded its a paper weight if there's not one in the chamber

  3. ADulay

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    As this subject has been covered about 6200 times in various gun forums, the general consensus appears to be carry it with one in the gun.

    It's a Glock, not a 1911, somebody else's version of a 1911 or anything else.

    If you've got a decent holster (or a crappy one), as long as it covers the trigger, you're just fine.

    I believe you'll find that 99.95% of the members here carry their Glocks with a loaded chamber.

    AD (including me with the Glock 30)
  4. IronTitan187

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    Would you really want to need your glock and have to pull it out and chamber a round? Those could be very valuable seconds.
  5. glocksrock80

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    Nope i do not keep one in the chamber
  6. dutchs

    dutchs Well-Known Member

    Yes always............
  7. Dark Knight

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    If there is a mag in the gun there is one in the chamber
  8. 16again

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    Always have one in the chamber. This includes 1911's and even my little Keltec P3AT
    Just can't understand carrying a gun with nothing in the chamber.
  9. packnglock

    packnglock One in the chamber

    Yep!! All day every day
  10. Blades

    Blades Senior Member

    Yep, why not?

  11. Hit YouTube and look up a vid about going around Half Loaded. Glocks are perfectly safe with a round in the chamber and it's much faster to get into action with one in the tube. In a life and death situation seconds, even split seconds just may be the difference between staying alive or ending up dead.
  12. g21redman

    g21redman just wants to watch the world burn.

    One in the chamber and a full mag. Shouldn't be carried any other way.
  13. bhale187

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    Been carrying one in the tube and full mag daily for 13 years, never had a negligent discharge. Keep it in a good holster, keep your finger off the trigger and its not going to go off on its own.
  14. piston10

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    One in the chamber with a full mag and a full spare mag.
  15. Always one chambered, unless I'm cleaning or practicing holster draws.
  16. mikecu

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    Here is a guy that could have been way better off if he had one in the tube.

  17. SmoKoY

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    Being a new gun owner, i'm not yet comfortable carrying with one in the chamber but hopefully will be in the near future. With that said, i try and practice pushing/palm strike an attacker at close quarter while drawing and racking the slide and shooting. The range i go to is an outdoor range so they allow it. I don't hope in using it someday but it's better to be prepared for the worse than be sorry

  18. An if someone starts shooting at you and your not close enough to palm push/strike them then what? Most of the time you wont be in arms reach of your attacker when you need to draw. If you truly want to be prepared have one in the chamber. :)
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  19. gladesbassin

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    I carry anything and everything I got fully loaded. All firearms are loaded at all times in my house and placed in hiding spots for quick retrieval incase SHTF. If I had a cannon it would be loaded and ready to go lol. But that's just my outlook since I don't trust folks in my area.