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In the DOC, unless you have a specialty job such as, SOG, training or Central Transport, you're not issued a weapon. In towers the mags are loaded to capacity, but unloaded for count each shift. Unscheduled trips, escapes and mobile patrols are issued as needed, empty mags and ammo trays standard. We load our own. So, the springs in our mags are pretty well flexed and relieved on a regular basis. Good thing. Our arsenals are getting rather old. All of our H&K USP's have been cycled through the training department. All have had thousands of rounds through them and in them.

I believe the constant use of the mags are what has accounted for the longevity of our weapons. That being said, we are starting to see some mag problems but because of maintenance not breakage.

Years ago, I did notice a problem feeding with my old Beretta that I owned for 20 years. Only had it with one of my mags and that was the one I used to keep max loaded in a dresser draw for home back-up. None of the other mags, occasionally reloaded, ever caused a FTL.

Back then eBay wasn't really in play yet so the mag was discarded. A very expensive proposition today.

I recommend a full mag. But I also recommend you cycle your mags at least once a month. And if you're a range rat. Don't bother at all. Mark your mags so you can track which is which. Keep them clean. Spring steel will rust, unless stainless (our problem with the dept. mags). But if you clean them, go easy on any oil. Spring steel is also porous and oil will seep into the metal. To much oil and you can shorten the service life of that spring. No need to oil stainless springs. It's a case of a little is a lot. And oiled springs will catch dirt and grit which will affect loading.

If you have a FTL, check your grip first. If you have another, clean the mag. Another would indicate a new spring. A relatively inexpensive item from outlets like

Here's a test for you. Make sure your gun and magazine is EMPTY. Insert the EMPTY mag. Turn the gun upside down. Now hit the mag release. The mag should pop up about at least 1/4-1/2 inch. If everything has already been cleaned, replace the spring.

Also if you bought a used Glock, especially a Gen2, I'd recommend replacing at least one spring each paycheck if money is tight.

If your going to own something that you might depend on for your life, make sure it's dependable.
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