Do you even care about printing.

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  1. RevV

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    I try to avoid places I cannot carry however can’t avoid occasional trips to Post Office and schools.

    It does make me nervous to leave a gun in the glove box.

    At the homes of friends and family I conceal.
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    NQNPIII Well-Known Member

    Then what is this place? It's social media and you're not hard to track.


    NQNPIII Well-Known Member

    I quit worrying about printing a long time ago. It used to be a problem in Florida. Not any more. I went to comcast to pay mom's bill a couple of weeks ago when I was in Florida. I was carrying outside the waste band. My shirt got a little high and didn't notice. A criminal looking guy sitting in the lobby must have seen the muzzle poking out. I just gave him a friendly look in the eye and took care of it. I don't give a damn in TN,KY,OK,AR, MS, AL,GA,TX,NC,SC, or VA. Looks like my permit is not going to be accepted in VA and neither will my mag capacity so I'll just not go through there anymore if it becomes law.

    If something pokes out, or gets uncovered I don't care.

    Years ago I walked into a Walmart in Nashville open carrying my big ass Hi-Point JHP45. Nobody even noticed. This would include the punk that asked for my ID to buy ammo.
  4. tgiv

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  5. pilot1054

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    I don't worry much about printing. On my belt, hidden beneath an untucked shirt seems sufficient. I've never had anyone react negatively or even appear to notice I was carrying.
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  6. 2-glocks

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    Short answer is I carry and dress as to conceal so “no - I don’t worry about printing.”
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  7. Firedog

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    I try not to print, I don't want to be the first one taken out by a savvy mass shooter!
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  8. Richard Davis

    Richard Davis Well-Known Member

    I'd rather not print, but it's not a problem in Ohio.
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  9. muddog15

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    I live in Florida, we don't have to woory about printing here. Not that it's a good idea, we just don't have to worry about it. We can even accendently show our gun as long as it's not open carried.
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  10. TheKraken

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    Here in Oklahoma we have open carry. I don't open carry in public but printing is not a problem here.
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    NQNPIII Well-Known Member

    Open carry is legal in Florida under the right circumstances. When you are fishing, when you are going to and from the range. Probably when you are hunting. And of course on your own property. I did it when I fished, and when I was out on my 5 acres that I recently sold.
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  12. Southlake

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    I prefer texting.
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  13. Schootz

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    In my experience, the Sheeple will have no clue you are carrying unless YOU draw attention to it. A number of gents at my parish carry every Sunday. I can always tell as they come forward for the Blessed Sacrament, they are "printing" through their sport coats or suits...but I'm also smiling because I know that 99.999% of my fellow congregants have zero clue. They would not know what to look for. I'm very content knowing our parish is well protected during Mass. :)
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  14. Donn

    Donn Active Member

    MHO? Concealed means just that. While it's true most people won't notice, some will, including Mr. Bad Guy. Not paranoid about it, but I try to be conscious of printing. Just wanna be seen as that harmless, white haired old man.
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  15. tgiv

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