DIY Night Sights

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  1. Boracay

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    Has anyone tried this? Any thoughts?

    Planning to put this on my SF stock sights.. -->Glow-On
  2. chief203

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    Very late reply but I have tried Glow-on. Below is night picture of how they look in the dark on my G19. I shoot them with a 10-15 second burst with my phone's LED or my LED Polystinger and they shine nicely for 2-3 hours and dimly but still useable for another hour or so.

    I do NOT consider them a replacement for true night sights by any means but simply an upgrade to the stock sights. I have used it for about 8 months now without complaints.

    Sorry for the sideways picture.


  3. Da3ur0fr0g

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    That's a great night sight picture! I have factory 3 dot night sights on my Gen 2 and @ they are not as bright as that! Where did u get that setup?!
  4. chief203

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    That's Glow-on paint. I painted exactly over the white parts of my stock sights. Then once dry painted I over that with Revlon clear nail polish (wife buys the good, chip resistant stuff) and that's it.

    Glow in the dark factory sights for less than $20 bucks. And you get plenty. I painted 11 sets of sights already and still have over half a vial left. So if you break it down that way, less than $1/ gun if I squeeze out a few more.
  5. Aaronsc

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    Wow, 2-3 hours on a 15 second charge. That seems like plenty of time for almost any situation where you might need them. Just charge them before going out and recharge when able. I am definitely going to look a this stuff.
  6. zbrewer

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    I had heard of this but never seen it before, as long as you will have something handy to charge it for a sec or two then this is a good idea.

    Nice pic by the way chief.
  7. chief203

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    I will post a lighted pic when I go back to work. The stock sights have a pale green color and no longer white. This stuff is also available in orange, blue, yellow and red I believe. Green is what I chose.
  8. Burrito

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    Where does one perches this stuff?
  9. dwcfastrice

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    Google is a wonderful thing. ;)

    Check out and

  10. chief203

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  11. JohnB

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    What size did you order to be able to use as many times as you did?
  12. Burrito

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    I will thank you
  13. chief203

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    I ordered the medium 4.6 ml vial. You don't use much so it goes far. And once dry, clear coat it with the Revlon. 100's of rounds, rainstorms, holstering, IWB, OWB, pocket carried... still look as good as day one.

    The only thing I haven't tried yet is sonic cleaning. My dept. does it once a year so I'll find out in the springtime. Other than that... no worries or problems.
  14. chief203

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    Here are lighted and unlighted pics of my Gen1 P3AT. I didn't want anyone to wait until next week when I go back to work. You get the idea of what the color is. Also, this is the only way this gun could ever hope to get night sights of any kind.

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  15. bhale187

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    I tried it a few years ago, and got no where near the positive results chief203 got. Mine glowed pretty bright, but did not last even 30 minutes after sitting under a light for hours. After a few months of having in on my charter arms bulldog I tried it out one more time and noticed they were all but invisible unless in complete darkness.

    I'm not certain the stuff I used was the same brand though, can't recall
  16. Burrito

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    So I just ordered a 2.3 ml bottle of glow on paint of of eBay for $13.23 goin to try it on my 1187 first. Kind of excited :)
  17. Burrito

    Burrito New Member

    Did my kahr cm9, looks good.

  18. Burrito

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    First I did my 1187 but its harder to get a pic of that, it looks good as well.