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  1. halfacrej

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    Looking for some ideas on a out door type pistol range. I live on two acres but there's cattle all around me I was wondering if there and ideas out there for a backstop type setup
  2. I'm a big fan of the big dirt piles with brick and rock burried in the middle.

    My concern is that 2 acres isn't very much, and you should discuss any plans with the owner of the cattle.

  3. KeenansGarage

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    Talk to your neighbors...maybe they will go in with you on building one! ;)

    Last one I saw like that had railroad ties in a U-shape with dirt piled in the middle.
  4. Just a quick note, in many places it is illegal to own or have railroad ties.....ask my dad LOL
  5. halfacrej

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    Well my neighbors who own the cattle are for a lack of a better term *******s but I just wanna a little something I can practice my shot and not hurt the cattle. The closest range is an hour drive
  6. I would make a dirt pile (not attractive, but effective) with a core of rock, broken up cinderblock, etc.

    Also if you are like me, you hate brass in your yard. An easy way to police the brass at home is to lay down a blue tarp to stand on.
  7. Kmurray96

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    Or shoot Hornady steel case and use a magnetic roller.
  8. Angry_Dave

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    A guy I know uses stacks of tires filled with dirt. We helped him replace the first row awhile back and we didnt see one round penetrate through anywhere and there was three rows of 10 tires wide stacked 9 or 10 tall. You can get the tires for next to nothing or even free if you know any local tire shops or mechanics. Just a idea

  9. Kmurray96

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    Check first. The local tree huggers or the EPA may have an issue with you using tires.

    Heard of a guy built a range on his own land. Life was good until some self righteous, tree hugging hoople got all disturbed because this guy lived in a water shed area (swamp/marshland). Was prohibited from using lead shot and cast bullets. Plus he was subject to future site inspection. What took him a whole summer to build he flattened out in two hours with a dozer.
  10. halfacrej

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    I didn't know hornady even made a steel casings
  11. SHOOTER13

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    Yup...called Hornady Steel Match...

    ( because steel casings, in that gauge, are really not harmful to extractors...and

    as consumerables like brass & copper go up in price, look for even more big name ammo

    makers getting into steel casings. Hell, right now, I'm seeing alot of "copper washed" steel

    casings and bullets being used right now...made by Sellier & Bellot, Herters and Wolf to name a few.

    And don't forget CCI Blazer and it's aluminum casings, which if you don't reload, are a good alternative.)

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