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The 550b is a progressive press that you manually rotate the 4 shell carrier plate around. If you know what you are doing you can load 300 - 500 rounds an hour. I got mine at Christmas and ran through all my reloading components on hand in a couple of weeks.

4 stages -
1- size and decap on the down stroke prime by pushing back past neutral once sized.
2- bell and powder
3 - seating
4 - crimping

You need a calibre conversion for each calibre. The conversion comes with 3 locator pins, shell carrier, and powder funnel which also acts as the bell die.

I have one and set up a separate tool head for each calibre and bullet weight I commonly reload. All I have to do is swap the tool head, replace the shell plate and locator pins and I'm good to go.

To use the dillon besides the press you will need some primer pickup tubes, a primary flip tray, powder die and cylinder. You can use any dies you like except (1) powder die/belling die and a separate seating and crimping die. You can back out the crimp on the dies that do both and get a separate crimp die.

Other then that you need a scale, brass cleaning set up, and some reloading books. There are a ton of good you tube videos that cover setup and use. PM me if you like and I can link them to you.

The 550 can as take an auto case feeder, but if you plan on reloading more then one calibre it's more trouble then it's worth.

That is a good price and the kit should have everything you need except the calibre conversion and pickup tubes unless he bought a starter kit.

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