Did I Hear That Right?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by rubikees, Jan 31, 2012.

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    Bob, the liberal person on the five on Fox, equated gun owners to the rioters in Oakland Ca. Is that how liberal view people that peacefully protest for gun rights by leagally carrying their firearms. I think Bob owes all of us an apology.
  2. I don't get into politics, I have no position on them. But in my experience lots of people of all mind sets tend to be ignorant in regards to firearms so I see no reason to make it political.

  3. most of the idiots who disagree with our right to bear arms are completely ignorant to anything related to firearms, especially the law and our rights. They are mostly liberal, blow hard, tree hugging, bleeding hearts who have no clue that if you take the guns out of the law abiding citizens hands only the criminals will have them. Criminals don't care what's legal and what's illegal, obviously, that's why they're criminals.
  4. The liberals believe in defending the Constitution, the parts they agree with that is.:D
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    Unfortunately, if you own a gun, you will no longer have the luxury of not getting into politics. Guns have become a political topic to a greater degree than ever, and we are now at a point where no matter how you vote, or don't vote, you are actually voting on the 2nd amendment.

    I wish it were otherwise, but that's just the way it is now.
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    Holy zombie thread.

    Good point though.

    The guy you quoted was a shyster/scam artist that scammed a bunch of people on here and several other forums. Take whatever you read of his in the future with about 2tons of salt.

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    No offense Rubi, but have you been living in a cave since Newtown? Of course that's how libs view us. Bob's was one of the milder comments. The latest was Marg Helgenberger, former star of C.S.I. who Tweeted "All NRA members should be shot." Google what the Hon. Sen. Feinstein's had to say recently. Apology? From this crowd? Don't hold your breath.
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    Zombie thread....

    OP from Jan of 2012.....
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    I wasn't thinking about who the poster was. I've said in other threads that there were 68 million voters in the last election but there are 100 million gun owners. If gun owners continue to be non-political they'll wind up losing their rights.

    We ignore politics at our own peril.