Destroyed Barrel Glock 17 (Not mine)

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by BocaDan, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. voyager4520

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    Definitely a squib, a bullet stuck in the barrel with another round fired behind it. I'm surprised Federal refused to fix the gun, sometimes a squib will have enough energy to eject the spent casing and you'll have no idea there's a problem until the gun sort of backfires and the slide won't go forward because it's stuck on the barrel bulge.

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    Doo doo happens! I am really concerned about the idiots who responded to the post! Glad they are not my friends! First off I say the Glock held up well! And a barrel is cheap to replace! Friends are harder to replace! I am really steamed over the posts in response to it! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  3. Matthew780

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    I agree. It's a squib for sure... No fault of the shooter, no fault of Glock. The ammo company takes the hit on this. I also agree that the Glock held up well and more than did it's job in protecting it's shooter under the circumstance. ~ Pop another barrel in it and go about your business.
    After hearing you say this Sarge? I'm not even going to read them. No rocket science to this.
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    During one of our FA classes, a student experienced a squib load...with factory ammo (WWB)...good thing the instructor caught him before he squeezed off the next round. Bullet was solidly lodged in the barrel (it was a 1911), had to really tap it out from the muzzle with a cleaning rod.

    Instructor caught the light POP and whizzzing sound, and immediately stopped the shooter.

    Squibs happen, even with factory ammo.
  5. Matthew780

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    Roger that. This is something EVERY shooter needs to be aware of. If your discharge sounds like ANYTHING other than normal, safely unload your weapon and visibly check the barrel. On a Glock, it takes 20 seconds (or less) to field strip it and have your barrel in hand.
  6. dutchs

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    I pulled mine apart for the first time yesterday and that's something i love about Glock. Even one not all that experinced such as myself can easily break down and clean a Glock. Quickly.
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    Squib on range

    Squibs on the range are indeed scary. Happened to me years ago while shooting a revolver. The light report told me something was wrong and I'm glad the hammer did not fall again. One of my reloads was missing a powder charge. I've never forgotten that experience either. dogwalk