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I received my black leather DeSantis open top, owb holster about 2 weeks ago. I was previously using a Blackhawk SERPA. The Blackhawk prints terribly. I love the retention and the durability of blackhawk but the print is terrible and it's a little "bouncy" due to its protruding attachment mechanism.

The DeSantis 086 model for Glock 30 is awesome. It wears very well, comfortable, fits very close to the body, sits at a perfect cantered angle, and the whole rig is covered by an untucked t-shirt. It also has an adjustable retention screw and the weapon stays secure because the leather is perfectly molded to it.

The black leather looks really sharp. It's small and rugged yet would also look just fine in dress attire. All around I'm really impressed. The way the holster is molded to the curve of the waist and the way the belt loops are recessed really make the fit unique.

DeSantis also makes brown and black leather In open and snap top, own and iwb. Their website is easy to navigate.

There is a reseller online that beats any price and ships for free. Let me know if anyone wants any more info.

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