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  1. Just curious how many agencies represented here have a departmental policy in place preventing the modification of issued weapons. I'm the department armorer, and we are issued g22's. We have a policy preventing the modification from "stock", of which I am in full agreement. However, I can install a GLOCK NY trigger (not that I ever would), replacing the 5.5 they came with.

    Personal weapons are subject to qualifying and supervisor approval before an officer can carry ON duty. Although primary handgun of ALL uniform officers must be the issued g22.

    I ask this because a couple surrounding agencies don't have a uniform standard carry policy, ergo uniform officers can carry anything they want, and officers are allowed to modify their own weapons. (liability issue in my opinion and poor policy).

    We also have a policy that prevents the officers from doing anything to their weapons other than field cleaning.
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    My PD issues Glock 22s, and to a few of top command and U/C officers get the G23. Our policy forbids any modification to our issued Glocks, can't even add the plug or a slip on grip.

    Only Department armorers can take it down past a field strip, doesn't matter if you are a Glock Armorer, you have to be a department armorer to take it past field strip.

    Off duty pistols, personally owned carbines used on patrol, and backup pistols must be qualified with, and no policy on what you do to modify your own firearm.

  3. Very similar to us. I forgot about personal patrol rifles/carbines. Same deal with those.

    Since we are so close to Wilson Combat we have issued Wilson Remington 870's, which we can't mod. Helps to know the guys at Wilson's too.

    I like the policy you have to be Dept armorer, not just a Glock armorer.
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    I don't :p
    I'm a Glock Armorer, but I'm not a department armorer because I'm not in the training division, and only the guys in training are dept armorers.

    Oh well, once a year the armorer gives it a full break down and inspection.
  5. No mods on anything department issued (Glock 22's, 870's, and patrol carbine). Backup weapons are purchased by the officer and can be modified but must be approved by the training officer and you must qualify with it prior to carry.
  6. Ohhh. I can see how that would be a bummer.
  7. Aye, like our departments.
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    Our officers aren't allowed to do anything but change the grips. They are issued .40 SigSauer P229DAO with night sights and that is all they can do to them. As a reserve officer, I own mine and carry what I want (I can carry a 1911 as long as I qualify with it) and can modify however I want.
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    issued a sig 226 DAK.

    We are a small dept and as far as I know I am the only one with an allowed modification-----the magazine release has been switched over for this lefty. All modifications must be pre-approved by the Sheriff.
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    We are issued G21, no modifications, SWAT officers are issued a TRL light for the 21.

    Backup weapons are purchased by the officer, must qualify and have written approval from Uniform Patrol Commander before you can carry.

    My issues items are G21 Gen4 with TRL Tac Light, Remington 870, patrol carbine, and BUG G26
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    When mission parameters require it, Beretta M9s are issued, chest holster on ballistic armor (with knee and elbow guards and shin guards), with a set number of rounds, and/or slect-fire M4s (with set number of rounds...yah, counting those suckers afterwards is a pain) and/or HK breaching shotgun (never held one of those yet), in addition to whatever you happen to have on you that day. Personal firearms OK for "duty" use, without restrictions.
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    No-touchee Dept. guns. To be cleaned by dept. armorers only.

    OD weapons.
    Must be from approved mfg. (All the majors, except Taurus).
    Revolvers are only approved for old-timers who qualified them before changeover to semi-autos .
    Must be DAO.
    Can be in .38+P JHP (revolvers), 9MM, .40, .357Sig, .45ACP or .45GAP.
    Must qualify with before approval to carry OD.
    May be customized to improve accuracy or dependability (including grips).
    Trigger actions must remain stock. Any damaged trigger parts to be replaced with OEM parts only.
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    We are issued G22's. 23's or 19's may also be available by request and no "permanent alterations can be made to departmentally owned guns. Personally owned Glocks are allowed so long as they are 9mm or 40 cal. Personal guns can be altered but must retain all stock parts (3.5 triggers are okay as long as they come from the factory that way, a la G34/35). Only armorers are allowed to go beyond field stripping or to replace parts and of course we only use OEM parts.
    I carry my chopped 23 for plainclothes work and my own 35 for tac and uniform work.
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    We're issued the 17 and as most other dept. they have to stay stock.....bug can basically be anything you can qualify with as long as its 9 or bigger. My bug is a 26 or the occasional J frame 38