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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Mike P, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. For the very short time we've been advertizing here I would like to say thanks for the wonderful support and steady business from the members here at Glock Forum.

    To express how much we appreciate your support we decided it's time for to have a giveaway drawing.

    This drawing will be ONLY FOR CURRENT MEMBERS that were at least registered before today's date.

    Other vendors are not allowed to enter.

    This is my favorite part........

    The prize will be any one item of the winners choice that is currently on the site. It's up to the winner to choose what the prize will be. The winner will be allowed to pick any one item on the it any model holster{Glock} or any of the wonderful Glock gear we sell.

    To enter all you have to do is make one post here in this thread. This thread will run from now until Sunday 3/11/12 at 4pm. After which as soon as I'm able providing my day job doesn't interfere I will film the drawing and upload it here to the video section for all to see. Sorry no live feed.:(

    Please click the sig pick below to go to the site and start thinking about what you might want if you win.

    GOOD LUCK!!!
  2. 3L3C7R0

    3L3C7R0 New Member

    Please pick me!

  3. Boracay

    Boracay ʎ ɐ ɔ ɐ ᴚ o

  4. series11

    series11 Hail Commifornia Lifetime Supporting Member

    I'm in, I could use a good holster for my new G21....
  5. G17XJ_BS

    G17XJ_BS New Member

    Im in, I have been looking for a nice holster.
  6. kodiak

    kodiak Active Member

    Great idea, and those are very nice holsters.
  7. I'm in. Could always use a new holster:)
  8. sconnie

    sconnie Member

    Waiting for my WI CWD permit so the timing is perfect. I've got my eye on a couple of different IWB holsters!
  9. geeteeohh

    geeteeohh Member

    I'll try my luck. Thanks!
  10. I'm in, please choose me, thanks........
  11. dnjscott

    dnjscott New Member

    Pick me, pick me
  12. rexg23

    rexg23 New Member

    Thanks that's awsome for you to do that not many others would.
  13. jakejeter16

    jakejeter16 New Member

    I'm in! First post ever
  14. dslmac2

    dslmac2 New Member

    Very Nice of
  15. Lots of good stuff I'd love to have !!!
  16. Nidanjoe

    Nidanjoe New Member

    Well I would love to win something like this but I am not going to beg! If I win then I will be very grateful and write a review of my prize! Thanks guys!
  17. Glockmaster

    Glockmaster New Member

  18. mwdenko

    mwdenko New Member

    Pick me! Seriously. :)
  19. Lugwrench

    Lugwrench New Member

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