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  1. What are the things you find joy/stress relief/decompress time after, or even before, a shift begins? My one, everyday activity that I look forward to every day is shaving believe it or not. I have discovered old school shaving, i.e. using a brush, soap cake, mug, and double edge safety razor (single razor blade). Oh wow, the shave is better than anything with a cartridge, and just short of an old school barber shave with a straight razor. There is a learning curve at first but now, I could not go without it. I bought a vintage Gillette Tech razor that was US Army issue in WWII. I don't think this was one that got issued, but it is just amazing to be able to shave with an instrument that is 67 years old. The shaving soaps are much more fragrant with scents like sandalwood, citrus, know, manly scents hahaha. But much better than any goo out of a can.

    I have other methods of stress relief/decompression like fishing, running, working out, shooting, and hunting. But my daily shave is the one part of my day I most enjoy.
  2. I race bicycles, road race. Dabbled in some mc and auto as well. Have a dirt track at the house as well as a firing range. Also weight lifting, although that is counter productive to road racing , which I'm not doing so much of lately.

    I box or run as well. I have to do something competitive, my wife thinks I have a condition were I am addicted to competing. One of my favorite quotes - "Training is like fighting a gorilla, you don't stop when you're tired, you stop when the gorilla is tired".

    I also wind down with the family, and going to church. I couldn't do what I do without the support of God and family.

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    I have heard of A LOT of guys doing recreational old school shaving lately. Definitely a trend I didn't see coming... But I'm keeping my beard as long as I get to stay in Narcotics!

    My number one decompressor is shooting, be it competitive or recreational. My other favorite hobby is camping with my kids. And then sometimes I find chopping wood to be quite a stress reliever, though a little exhausting too.
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    Shooting is my number 1 stress buster...especially reactive targets.

    Tannerite...melons ( in season )...ballons...stale clays

    anything that disintergrates or blows up !
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    While I enjoy shooting as the greatest possible reliever of pent-up-tension, especially on exploding targets, I find the most relaxing time of my day is when I sit at the dining table staring out the window while I enjoy my first cup of coffee of the day. Due to some medical issues, I can only drink the fake, ehem, decaf coffeee, but still, the aroma of it...while I watch the back yard and the clouds zipping by as the sun comes up, and the birds flittering to and fro in the trees....I let my mind go blank, until the coffee is gone. When I start my second cup, my mind is organizing things I need to do for the rest of the day.

    Recreationally (when I'm not shooting, that is :D) I build plastic model airplanes, modern jets mostly. I find the required focus and attention pleasantly distracting, and i am always very very pleased with the outcome of a model plane built right. Like shooting, reloading, and pistolsmithing, there is clean-up afterwards, but by that time, I will have graduated to a Jack-n-Coke :D....that is, until tomorrow's coffee!
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    I love to go shooting as a stress reliever, unfortunately can't afford to do that every day. Spending time playing with my kids is the best relief for me after a bad day, and in the summer time camping/boating every weekend with the family.
  7. Happysniper, try grinding your own coffee, even decaf tastes a LOT better. And Bryant, check out Badger & Blade, great forum for those of us who enjoy DE shaving. Oh, and I shoot and play miniature wargames.
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    Do tell......
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    I like riding my bicycle by myself. I live 4.3 miles west of the middle of nowhere, so the blocks here are 1 mile. I normally turn around at the 10 mark unless the kids are in school or at their mom's house, then I hit 20.
    I like backpack camping with the kids one on one, and tent camping with the whole family. We will soon be building a getaway cabin (once I can get the right property) and that should occupy summers and winters alike for a while.
    I also play World of Warcraft with my oldest son. (He still can't beat me in a duel).
    I've tried getting him into old school paper RPG's or miniatures but he prefers electronics.
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    I try to put as many miles on my Harley as I stress relief ever
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    While I have no doubt that own-ground anything tastes (and probably smells!) better, I've never tried it and always thought of it as too much work if I am just going to space out five minutes later.... what's a good place to start (equipment wise) and a good blend to start with?
  12. You can pick up an inexpensive grinder for about $12-15 that will let you try it without a huge investment. Pick up some different beans to try, I am partial to the stuff at Sam's Club or Dunkin Donut's stuff is always a solid choice.
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    Thanks, I may try that. Shop around this weekend...
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    I usually ride my bike, weather permitting. Also, making knives helps. Lots of the negative stress equates into intense concentration for me.
    Here's my first one. Absolutely love it!

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    I usually play Battlefield 3 on Xbox live to decompress.
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    I coach youth sports. The competition isn't as severe with 9 and 10 year olds so we have a lot of fun. I coach 9-10 year little league and 8-9 year pop Warner football. If you couldn't tell, my son is 9 so I volunteer where he plays. I really love working with kids that I get to meet outside of domestics. They are still young enough to absorb positive influences. During the off seasons I am into photography. I started a part time business in event photography and portraits but weddings cause more stress than the job. I am contemplating going back to shooting for fun next year. Lastly and most importantly I like shooting my Glock.
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    I was going to say have a glass of bourbon.......however after reading all the post I'm not wanting to look like the lone drunk or something.

    Actually I drink very little but on those days that you just want to go to sleep and start over in the morning a glass of bourbon does suit the bill.
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    AMEN to that!! You're not alone!!
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    That's alright. When I first saw this thread, the first thing that came to my mind was the old "Choir Practice" after shift. Not sure if there's many around that remember those.

    I really love to camp. My boys aren't that much into it. Takes too much time away from texting and video games, I guess. So I have a hard time finding somebody to go with me. This summer, I think I'm just gonna go by myself. The heck with everybody else. LOL
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    used to ride my Harley...sold it to contribute to a new family vehicle. Like to shoot, but our local range has a buddy system (need another with you) so sometimes can't do that unless someone else is there or a buddy goes.

    Nowadays...I reload to help mellow out a bit. Kinda helps with stocking up on ammo for when I can go shoot :)

    Oh...and a good glass of Markers Mark always helps too....;)