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Discussion in 'Ammo & Reloading' started by dougster, May 26, 2012.

  1. dougster

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    Found Winchester white box 100 value packs selling for $20.97 a box at Wally World down here in Texas. Since I've been buying boxes of 50 for $12 and $13 bucks I thought that was a good deal so I bought 10 boxes. With tax it came to $227.00. All the bulk ammo places were about the same with shipping so I figured why not.
  2. SHOOTER13

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    Thanks for sharing...

  3. glocknloaded

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    What caliber 9mm?

    Man the big 5 by my house is selling at 16.97 a box of 50..
  4. dwcfastrice

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    So YOU'RE the reason I
    Can never get WWB bulk packs when I'm at Wally World. Kidding of course. ;)

    The local walmarts i go to always seem to be out of stock or get very limited quantities.

  5. EvilD

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    My wally world rarely has anything in stock and the prices usually aren't anything special
  6. dougster

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    Yes it was 9mm. My Walmart back home in Tulsa never has any so when I saw it I had to get it.
  7. SIR

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    Good deal.
  8. Eye_Peeled

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    I am seeing a trend here! I saw the same thing yesterday and today at WalMart and Bass Pro—ammo stocks plentiful. Now if we could pass this along to each other maybe the panic will subside and ammo will be more readily available. This ammo thing is starting to get like the gas situation here in Florida when a hurricane is imminent. Everybody goes daily to top off their tanks because "there will be shortages", making for definite shortages. Don't worry folks! Enough ammo for everyone, relax. :D . I don't know, maybe it is a real problem....carry on.
  9. Those are everyday prices at my local WM. Federal premium 100 count boxes are even cheaper at $19.

    Just glad I started reloading. Couple of hours and $160 for 1000 9mm. :D When I get a LW barrel and start shooting lead that will drop another $30 per thousand.
  10. KeenansGarage

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    My WWB is around 23-24 bucks a 100 around here. I stick with Feds at 19.97 a 100. I need to start reloading....

    It is a shame I have started looking into 124 and 147 grain bullets...not as cheap anymore.
  11. Thats a good price! I bought the same WWB 100 round box yesterday at Wally World for $23.97! After sales tax and TN ammo tax, it cost me over $26! I usually buy Tula, but of course they were out of stock!
  12. GAgal

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  13. EvilD

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    I started casting lead, way cheaper. Getting hard to find lead tho.
  14. Kmurray96

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    Good heads up. Getting ready to make another SHTF tube. Guess it's time to go visit Wally World again.
  15. dslmac2

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    When there at 9:40 pm tonight and they were wiped out of all Winchester White Box & Federal.
  16. Grabber GT

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    I got the last 3 boxes of .45 at Walmart for $14.99 for 50. They are $20.99 at my LGS. Steel case Blazer.
  17. portercc

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    It's been on sale in the Houston/Sugar Land area for most of May.
  18. Eye_Peeled

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    That's encouraging. At that rate, I'll only have to load 20,000 rounds to have my Dillon pay for itself :D. Luckily, I'll be loading .45 also, which will help even more. Not all of us got a killer deal, friend.

    I would like to know more about where you are purchasing your consumables. I have been researching diligently trying to find the most economical place to purchase in bulk. What about you? Have you checked out ? Pretty good deals on powder, primers and bullets w/free shipping. There is the typical $27.50 charge for HazMat. You can purchase pretty large quantities before they add another $27.00 though, so the more you order the more you utilize the charge.

    EDIT: By the way, I just did a breakdown of items per round on what I am contemplating buying. I can load a 115gr. RN plated bullet, w/CCI primer, using W231 powder, in 9mm for around $11.00 per hundred! Then again, it is almost 0230. That double shot espresso I had earlier is working me over. Will double check tomorrow.
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  19. TampaBaySean

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    I have the best WM ever by me . Always a ton of stock . $10 for 50 9mm .
  20. Luckily there's a Sportsman Warehouse here and they are a huge supplier of reloading supplies.....a little short on stock at the moment. If the shortage locally continues I will start looking on line for supplies. I haven't done any real figuring since I have not counted how many rounds I actually get out of 1lb of Unique{somewhere around 1500+} If I go off of the 1500 estimation and figure in the cost of 3000 rounds, I'm loading around $11 per 100 9mm also.

    I plan on ordering a Wolf barrel soon and start loading lead which will save a lot more on cost{roughly $30 saving per 1000}.