One of the greatest things about Glock's are their extremely high level of customization. Whether you're adding some new grips, or completely overhauling your firearm were there's a will there's a way and many of our members have that will.

Today we're going to take a look at some modifications submitted by the membership. It takes all levels of skill to get these right so if you have any questions please be sure to post them to the forum. I've made sure to include the username under each photo so even if you have to contact the person directly at least you'll be on the way to your perfect Glock. We all have different idea of what that means, so find the Glock that fits you best and go for it!



Optics and Sites - Glock21SF


Glock 27 - Kelemaba


Chrome Extractor - Gkl33


G21 Stipple - Ifish42na

"My New Glock" - datbuenoG19


If you would like to see your customized Glock featured in future articles please make sure to upload it to our photos section. This is a great way of not only showing off, but allowing others to be inspired by the choices you made to your Glock.

As always, Happy Shooting!



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