Customizing your Glock - 5 Great Glocks to Inspire you!

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    One of the greatest things about Glock's are their extremely high level of customization. Whether you're adding some new grips, or completely overhauling your firearm were there's a will there's a way and many of our members have that will.

    Today we're going to take a look at some modifications submitted by the membership. It takes all levels of skill to get these right so if you have any questions please be sure to post them to the forum. I've made sure to include the username under each photo so even if you have to contact the person directly at least you'll be on the way to your perfect Glock. We all have different idea of what that means, so find the Glock that fits you best and go for it!


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    Optics and Sites - Glock21SF

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    Glock 27 - Kelemaba

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    Chrome Extractor - Gkl33

    View attachment 149465
    G21 Stipple - Ifish42na
    View attachment 149466

    "My New Glock" - datbuenoG19


    If you would like to see your customized Glock featured in future articles please make sure to upload it to our photos section. This is a great way of not only showing off, but allowing others to be inspired by the choices you made to your Glock.

    As always, Happy Shooting!



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  2. judgecrater

    judgecrater Member

    I have worked on the triggers of my three Glocks. Bring the pull down from 6.5-7 to about 5 pounds or so. Improves my accuracy quite a bit. Cheap and easy.

  3. jimmcg221

    jimmcg221 New Member

    Put a new connector in my G43. Did not measure the pull but smoother & lighter. Accuracy improved also.
  4. FrankSoCal

    FrankSoCal New Member

    Is there any place in the greater Phoenix where I can take my G26. Pulling slide is difficult for my 73 year old hands and the trigger leaves a lot of improvement.
  5. StealthBMR

    StealthBMR New Member

    Frank, look into the AmbiPlate...easy to change out and gives a good area to grip when pulling the slide...
  6. ShooterScott

    ShooterScott New Member

    Great article, very nicely written. If you were looking for shooting tips for your glock at all, I have come across the blog for it:
  7. FCastle

    FCastle Luv my Glock

    I absolutely love my gen 3 26, I did some customizations to it so far , used a dremel to shave off finger grooves and smooth out the back ribbed area and also rounded out the Glock Z trigger guard . Then bought a wood burner kit with multiple tip attachments and stippled the frame , not so aggressive but still a comfortable grip. Bought xgrip sleeves for the 19 & 17 mags also. Still have the stock sights on and haven't decided on which set of night sights to buy. My buddy gave me. 19 lone wolf threaded barrel that I put on for a day , it's too long for concealed carry but still shoots good. If I can figure out how to put a pic on here I'll show the 26 off.
  8. Rachiger

    Rachiger New Member Supporter

    I have done some G-Series mods since the beginning, a very lightly used G20C from my son. He did the Ghost Connector (helped a bit!) and I got an LWD 6.6" barrel, with 21# spring and the SS RSA setup. Sold the G20C but kept the long barrel and RSA. I have a G21 plus LWD longslide and 6.6" 460R barrel, as well as the original G21 upper. These things are as easy to customize as the old small block chevy, and a darn sight cheaper too!
  9. myronjsh

    myronjsh New Member

    @FrankSoCal place an RMR or a site so you can place your heel of your hand against. That's what I do.