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Custom Leather Holster G17/G22

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I have several holsters and got this one for my B-day, custom made. I don't ever use it. Figured I'd see if someone wants it.
Item location Indianapolis IN
Will ship to anywhere in the US
PayPal only please.
$15 if interested.


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Make me an offer doesn't work here...Post a minimum bid.

Everyone: Please PM this member directly when offering to buy...
Got any info on the holster?
Type of leather?
None that I know of, as I stated it was a custom made holster from a guy I know that makes his own holsters.
The stamping on the holster says Snug Holsters
Holster is practically brand new 2 weeks old.


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Do you still have it for sale? In the picture it doesn't appear to be all the way in the holster. Is that the case or is that how it is normally?
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