Custom Kydex holsters

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  1. A good friend of mine makes these and I have found them to be more comfortable for all day carry than any other holster I've tried.

    I currently have these...
    If interested I can give you his email to have some made. He sells them for $40 a piece.
  2. couple more pics.......


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    Here is one I made

  4. Tillerman

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    Does he make with gun mounted lights? Also mag carriers? Thanks
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    I would mind one...looks real nice...G19 w/TLR-1???
  7. HA! you might just be in luck. As a matter of fact he's trying a 19/tlr-1 combo for the first time tomorrow for another order he has. I can post pics of the finished product when he's done. I will be at his place all day tomorrow.:cool:
  8. Nah not yet. The problem is finding good enough clips to use IWB plus I honestly don't think he even wants to get into them after trying to make two for his brother.

    These wear so close to the body that you wouldn't want an IWB anymore. I have zero desire to shop anymore for the right holster for me. I've sold and given away all my other name brand holsters.
  9. He made me a dual mag carrier but it's not something he's full blown with at the moment.

    After I sent one of the holsters to a guy on you tube, after that guy did a vid review of them my buddy has been swamped with orders. He's in the process of building another press to do two at once.

    I've got to help him all day tomorrow to fill the orders I generated by having one shown on you tube.:cool:
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    Mike thanks for the reply. I really like the kydex and that light combo with a Glock 19 is the one I am looking at getting. Can't wait to see the pictures
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    Mike p what is the YouTube video you put out? Also I see that some are shorter and some are longer that the barrel does not hang out. Is that just a preference or what's the reasoning of it.
  12. It's just a different option. Originally that short holster was molded for a 27 but being open bottom it gives the option to use one holster for a few slide lengths...26,27,19,23 etc etc.

    Feel free to click on the banner in my sig to check out more. :D
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    Hey man I was looking at some other makers but they all seem to be using .060" Kydex and I was hoping for something a little heavier. Do you use .060" or thicker.
  14. Good question!

    In the beginning we tried .060 on a couple but decided we didn't like it because it's to flexible. We like to use thicker for durability and definition.

    Thanks for asking.

    Mike P