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  1. Boracay

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    Glock 35 Limited
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  2. TxShooter

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    Nice! What are all the details on it?

  3. Boracay

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    Thanks @ TxShooter

    Slide - Chrome by LWD
    Sight - Warren Competition
    Tungsten Guide Rod by T.H.E.
    Aluminum Trigger - Lightning Strike
    Trigger housing Assembly with stop - LWD
    Titanium Firing Pin - Lightning Strike
    Titanium Firing Pin Safety - Lightning Strike
    Stainless Magwell - Lightning Strike
    Aluminum Mag Release - Aerotek
    Over-size Mag Button - SJC
    Aluminum Slide Cover Plate - LWD
    Chrome Pins, Extended Slide Lock & Release - LWD
    Wolff Springs
    Grip reduction & Stippling
    Connector - Stock
    Barrel - Stock
    Trigger Pull: -3 lbs.

    More Slide Photos at the bottom page --> Custom Glock 35 Limited
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  4. wsar10

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    well I c it's a G35 which means it has the - connector as OE (3.5), but 3lbs ???

    all my GLOCKS have a - connector and aftermarket trigger spring and some of them are polished inside, but how the hell do you get a true 3lbs ???
    I also understand the aluminum would make the release smoother along worth the titanium striker (cuz it's lighter).
    Even with the connector and springs your still around 4lbs, what looses the extra weight

    BTW; it is a very nice piece.
  5. Boracay

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    Thanks @ wsar10 -- A right combination of spring weight of the trigger, firing pin & firing safety spring and a little sanding, bending & drilling to the connector will do the trick..

    **with a $250 to spare, you still can tune it down to 1.5-2 lbs :cool:
  6. KeenansGarage

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    Nicely done! I like it!
  7. 40caljim

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    Well now thats not entirely true, I got mine to 2 lbs with a Glock Worx connector and comp spring kit, total cost about $40.
  8. wsar10

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    I wouldn't want my CCW 2lbs,
    but still ive done stryker spring firing pin saftey spring connector and trigger spring and still end up w 3.5lbs with polishing :confused::confused:
    what does this kit consist of??
    as far as the connector I'll only use GLOCK connectors, I've tried about all there is in MANY GLOCKs and IMO ghoast and GLOCK are the best but ghoast makes my gen4 feel like ****.
  9. 40caljim

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    I do not use 2 lbs in my CCW guns either, my G35 is for competition only.
    The price I quoted on the connector and springs was wrong, the total was only $24. The connector from Glock Worx is the Zev Tech V4 race connector
    for $15, and the competition spring kit is $9. These two parts combined give a 2lb trigger pull with the stock Glock trigger. I have several people who shoot USPSA with me that can't believe the trigger job I did only cost $24. If you haven't tried any of the Glock Worx stuff you may want to give them a look.
  10. Boracay

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    you are correct 40caljim.. you could have a 2lbs trigger pull less than $25.. as i've said, if you wanna stretch it out between 1.5-2, you have to spend more. I wish Glockworx already exists when I built mine & would be a lil bit easy for me. :)