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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by ballagh, Feb 12, 2012.

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    Never had it done before on a firearm. Was wanting my last name engraved on the side of it. Anyone recommend a place to have it done? Do you just send the slide in or the whole thing. Any ideas on price and timeline? Can you send them a jpeg image and go from there?

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    DIY project. Just buy the engraving tool from eBay less than $50. Lot of sizes to choose from. Just align the tool then gently tap it with plastic head hammer. If the letters would fit, the Best location to engrave is on the plastic slide cover (or buy an aluminum). You can change it back to original if you decide to sell your gun someday.

    ***practice your alignment & tapping on a scrap of wood..
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    I would trust a professional more than myself haha.
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    You can typically go to the mall and they can do anything/everything you want at the engraving/embroidery kiosk. They are typically inexpensive and can accomplish most anything you want. I have seen some SBR engravings that turned out pretty good. Just don't bring in the whole assembled firearm, but I doubt you would do that anyway.
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    You need a diamond coated drill to accomplish the results that companies like Zipgraver have because of the tennifer treatment to the slide.