Curbs and Car Rims

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by dslmac2, May 24, 2012.

  1. dslmac2

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    Just went to Lunch, stopped by the bank to deposit a check and rubbed the curb coming out of the bank drive through with back rim. Man this really sucks!!!! Does anyone know of certain shops that can fix this up? I will call around but just wanted to know if anyone has had this fixed before?

  2. Happysniper1

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    Curb rash.

    Sorry, man!

  3. jimmyalbrecht

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    I never ever hit a curb in my life until I got some shiny chrome rims, then I hit every single one of them. I switched back to some cheap metal ones and have not hit a curb since...
  4. officerX

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    That can be fixed, but may not be cheap.
  5. its not going to be cheap. fill it in, smooth it out, paint it, balance the rim.
  6. dslmac2

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    Ouch! The city should make rubber curbs.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    At least its not solid granite like it is in DC...
  8. they may have other ways of doing it, but thats pretty deep by the looks of it. Doubt It can be sanded out and painted as it, but i could be wrong.
  9. Levelcross

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    Sorry dslmac, most of the time it is cheaper to replace the rim than fix the curb rash. Aluminum is soft so it is harder to polish out scratches that deep.
  10. SuperSport

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    May be as easy as polishing it out but more labor intensive if there's a clear coat type ish film. Which equates to more cost. Huge eye sore for me - hate curb rash.
  11. iGlock

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    I hated getting curb rashs on my 240sx from drfiting :( my poor rotas.
  12. SeventiesWreckers

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    If there's a big truck stop located somewhere around you, they probably have a fellow that does tanks & truck rims. Usually located somewhere around the wash rack. You might be able to have most of it, or all of it buffed out. But if it's clear coated, that will have to be stripped. And, you will end up with one very shiny wheel, might not match the rest. Bummer
  13. it's not going to polish out because there is considerable metal missing. It's going to need to be filled (ie welded over) and smoothed out. They might be able to sand it with an air or orbital sander enough to refinish it, but i really doubt it.
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    That will teach you young whipper snappers for having those fancy wheels and low profile tires. I've never had that problem with my 1966 Oldsmobile Delta 88 wagon! :cool:

    Actually, I just passed a rim shop in Pomona, Ca. who specializes in aluminum and mag scratch renewal and restorer. I might use them for the Lexus and see how they work out.
  15. SeventiesWreckers

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    Old School

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    There is a mobile rim repair place in Tampa lemme look for their number
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    NICE...curb feelers.

    Haven't seen them since my parents 1953 Hudson Jet...

  20. iGlock

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    I see them everyday, on city buses lol.