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Crossbreed holster damaging g26 gen 4 finish

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Has anyone else experienced this? What can I do about this? Thanks :)
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Any holster at some point will show signs of holster wear if you draw out of them enough. Enjoy it's new beauty marks.;)
I did something stupid Sunday. I forgot to pull the trigger before attempting to remove the slide. Of course the slide moved a tad forward but it wouldn't come off. So my dumb thing to do, out of habit I point towards the ground, pull the trigger just to watch my slide smack the gravel. To my delight all I did was brush the gravel dust off to find no damage! If you have holster soars already your practicing draw more then me, keep up the good work. I can say I'm impressed with the tuff finish on mine!!
I honestly verify it's cleared and practice every day haha but I'm starting to see the effects on the gun.. the square part of the barrel that sticks out of the top is also turning silver instead of black at the front where it rubs
Just like Mike said, they are all gonna wear at some point even if the holster was lined in velvet!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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