Couple glock questions

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by lbwar15, Jul 9, 2012.

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    I am thanking of getting a g22 and getting a .357 sig and a 9mm barrel for it. Could I just get a g19 and get a .357 and .40 S&W barrel? Are the mags for all 3 calibers interchangeable? And could I put a 10mm barrel and mags in a g21.

    I'm sure you all can tell I'm new to glocks and don't know much about them. Good thing is I learn very fast.
  2. G17XJ_BS

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    Pretty sure you can only go down in caliber. 40 down to a 9 or 357. Not 9 up to a 40 or 357.

  3. Glockmaster

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    You can only go down in cal. I would get the G22 than the conversion barrels.

    The .40 mags will work on the .357 sig rounds.
    I have shot hundreds of 9mm using a .40 mag as well with no issues.

    But it don't cost much for mags so might as well buy what you need.
  4. From what I've read putting a 10mm Auto barrel into a G21, 45acp tends to give extraction problems because of the "wiggle room" that's left from going from the wider case head of the 45 round down to the narrower case head of the 10mm round. If someone would come out with a longer extractor it'd probably fix most of the problems but no one has yet.
    For the conversion deal with the G22 or G19, since they're on the same size frame it should work but you run into the same problems going from a 40S&W or 357Sig down to the 9x19mm as you do when going from 45acp down to 10mm. The case head is narrower across on the 9mm round so you may or may not have extraction problems, also you'd need to use 9x19mm mags also.
    I'm sure others will chime in with more info.
  5. lbwar15

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    Thank guys g22 it is
  6. jimmyalbrecht

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    You must get a 9mm CONVERSION barrel though and not just a stock Glock 17 barrel as it will not work. Also, to make the gun fully reliable when converting down to 9mm, you really need a 9mm extractor and 9mm mags.
  7. Cool thing about the G22 is there's lots of used LEO mags you can pick up on the cheap. Wish I could find some G21 mags to use in my G30 that cheap.
  8. I have a g22c and love it!I also have a g34. The g22 is my favorite ! The 34 is fun to shoot and accurate.You will be glad you got a g22!
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    I have not paid much attention to the .40. I like big bullets or a lot of bullets. But the idea of 3 in one gets my interest. Plus I love the .357 sig. You have almost the same power of a .357 mag on a smaller round.