Could wearing a Glock hat get you shot?

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    I wear a polo style Glock shirt on occasion, but don’t have a Glock cap (yet) and don’t CC.
    I’ve never worried about wearing it at all. If I felt I should be worried that would probably mean I was in a place that I would be worried no matter what I was wearing.
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  2. Although not many folks around here would care or even notice if I wore a Glock hat, I don’t do it in town. I reserve gun logo stuff for the range, hunting, and outdoor venues with like minded folks. Quiet relatively safe conservative community I live in.
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    + 1.

    With the “red flag” nonsense gaining traction I’m considering going digital on my gun publication subscriptions. Concealment has to do with more than just a firearm.
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    This is from a Law Firm article on the subject;

    The Texas Motorist Protection Act (HB 1815), effective as of September 1, 2007, permits any law-abiding Texas resident the legal right to carry a handgun inside their motor vehicle in Texaswithout a Handgun License to Carry or any other permit. As long as you are legally permitted to own a firearm and the vehicle belongs to you, then the answer is yes; you may have a gun, loaded or unloaded, in your vehicle in the state of Texas.

    Notice: Texas does not have laws regulating the carry of legal long guns (rifles or shotguns).

    We know. There is always a “but”. Nothing is ever that easy when dealing with criminal law. However, the law is pretty clear and not too hard to grasp. Lawful carry of a gun while in a vehicle in Texas only requires the following four qualifiers:

    • The handgun must NOT be in plain view; it must be concealed.
    • You are NOT engaged in criminal activity (excluding Class C traffic misdemeanors). If you are, then you have bigger problems to worry about!
    • Federal law does NOT prohibit you from possessing a firearm. (See end of article for more details)
    • You are NOT a member of a criminal gang.
    Concealed from view?
    The “plain view” provision is not location-specific; in other words the gun doesn’t have to be in the glove compartment, a case, or anywhere else in particular, it just has to be hidden from view. The gun owner, even without a License to Carry, is free to wear it in a holster as long as he/she stays within the vehicle.

    What about when I’m not in the vehicle?
    If you don’t possess a Handgun License to Carry, then you may not legally carry the handgun outside a motor vehicle if you are not “directly en route” between the vehicle and your own property. (Tex. Pen. Code Sec. 46.02). This means you cannot carry your gun into places like rest stops, gas stations, convenience stores, and other places where a motorist might typically stop. You must leave the firearm concealed and secured in your car.

    How about long guns?
    can you carry a rifle in your car in Texas? If you’ve done any serious amount of driving around Texas, surely you have noticed lots of trucks with gun racks. Long guns (rifles / shotguns) DO NOT have to be concealed inside a vehicle and may be loaded and within reach. So, you may proudly display your rifle or shotgun in a gun-rack or just leave it on your seat. Obviously, a gun out in the open is likely to make police uneasy. So, don’t be surprised if a normal traffic stops gets tense really quickly if you have a your gun in plain view.
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  5. HA, last time there was onboard USS Midway in 1983..and yes, did go to 'po' city, across the Sh_T river..had a tshirt and belt buckle made..too....

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    SE Texas
    Cool patch, gotta get me one!!
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    After reading a news story yesterday about Chinese expansionism in the South China Sea I was thinking about Subic yesterday and hunted up a map of the area.

    In 1972-73 I was stationed with 3rd MarDiv on Okinawa (Headquarters Company, Comm Platoon at Camp Courtney). In December of '72 I was TDY to Subic for Naval Gunfire School, then back to Okie for about 90 days. Then about March of '73 I got orders to go afloat for 6 months with Bn 1/9 (at the time stationed at Camp Schwab). We boarded the USS Tripoli and the Okinawa (LPH's 10, and I forget the other). For about half of the six months I was billeted in one of the barracks aboard the Subic Naval Base. Compared to what we enjoyed in the crotch facilities at Camp Courtney, the Naval facilities aboard Subic were the Hilton. Likewise, the chow hall was fine dining.

    Other than noting that as a teetotaler (I know, rare in the USMC) who routinely served as chaperon for a squad of drunk Jarheads, I won't go into the details of Olongapo City.

    Gomen-nasai, GI...
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    Me on my sled. upload_2020-2-9_16-3-53.jpeg
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    yup , it certainly could get you shot....
    so could wearing a MAGA hat....

    personally the only hats that I wear are golf related...
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    Looks like there are wackos hunting MAGA peeps. DA9BF6E3-0779-48E1-9DFE-FE26B47E0196.jpeg
    A Texas man carrying an "assault rifle" at a Black Lives Matter protest Saturday has been charged with making interstate threats, the Justice Department announced.

    Emmanuel Quinones, 25, allegedly brought a loaded Smith & Wesson .223 semiautomatic to the protest in Lubbock to "decry" the death of George Floyd, who died in Minneapolis police custody on May 25, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Texas said.

    According to the criminal complaint, Quinones refused to drop his weapon when ordered to by a Lubbock police officer -- releasing his weapon only after the officer drew his gun.

    A protestor reportedly tackled Quinones who allegedly yelled "this is a revolution" and "President Trump must die" before being taken into custody.

    Quinones said he had previously created social media posts intended to "intimidate" President Trump and "MAGA [Make America Great Again] instigators," including a post on Facebook from May 28 that suggested he intended to obtain gun parts "to off racists and MAGA people," according to authorities.
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    Well, senor quinones, good luck with that :D...send that pobrecito cabeza de mierda en casa, Presidente.
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    My son was pds'd at Courtney for 2 years, up to 3 years ago.
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    One wear the seat is a little to close to the rear tire, lol!
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    What’s going to happen in November if Trump wins a 2nd term (and I think he probably will)? If the recent events are any indication it could get really bad.
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    With Democrats trying to placate the protestors, if they win, they might just decriminalize crime altogether.
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    ...Makes me think of “The Purge” movie.
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    There are those who say this unrest is a dress rehearsal for what's to come if the President's re-elected. Hope they're wrong.
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    Now now, anything that happened in 'po city STAYS in 'po city!! lol I spent many many many fine days and nights there thanks to Uncle Sam's Canoe Club. 22 years and several ships plus afloat units ensured I got more than a mortal man needed of P.I.
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    It sure looks that way. On a side note, if I hear Drew Brees apologize 1 more time I may puke.
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