Could wearing a Glock hat get you shot?

Discussion in 'Conceal & Open Carry' started by 360sheepdog, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. texagonian

    texagonian New Member

    A adopt bit of the “grey man” approach. I’m not sending any messages that hint I may be armed etc. No tactical fashion either.
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  2. John in AR

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    I don't wear any logo'ed clothing other than shirts with our company name. On glock (or whatever brand) logo'ed shirts & hats, I don't think it's an 'oh my god' kind of danger or anything, but I probably wouldn't do it even if I owned any. To me it seems like having a Bushmaster or Colt bumper sticker on my truck; it's kind of begging for attention of a kind I don't personally want. For that matter, I like my truck probably as much as I like my glock, but I don't wear a "RAM" hat either. o_O
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  3. Glockfinger

    Glockfinger Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

  4. John in AR

    John in AR Well-Known Member Supporter

    There's a part of me that envies you that tattoo. I have only one (a lion with a scripture reference), and it can't be seen when I'm wearing a shirt. In our very hillbilly area that kind of tat would literally cost me sales - but when we ever sell the company I may well go with something like that. This pic is several years old; I was probably 51 or 52 at the time:


    {fwiw, the scripture reference is Proverbs 30:30 - "An old lion, which is strongest among beasts and turneth not away for any."}
  5. smiley

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    I refrain from wearing one myself because of libs calling police (which is fine) but mostly I refrain from wearing one in case a lib acts like a fool and I am carrying. Which is all the time. Sad but true for me
  6. cazbass

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    I try to go grey most times. I don't open-carry; I only concealed-carry. I don't like hats so I never wear them. I actually have a couple of T-shirts from the place I got my gun training from - sometimes I wear them, but not much. Going grey keeps you looking like anyone else. I rely on my concealed Glock 43 with a hot chamber, and my ability to quickly draw it. I don't give a crap about fashion, never have.
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  7. Mark40

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    I'm on this plan as well, and no gun related stickers on the vehicle either.
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  8. shawn.nky

    shawn.nky Active Member

    I have been thinking on this post for a while because me my self I do own and wear a hand full of gun shirt one that clearly says I pac with a Glock on it I also wore shirts like this before I CC and most people never really looked once alone twice the ones who did noticed said nice shirt or one old woman read my shirt it said 3 things you don't touch
    1 wife
    3gun and this old she stopped me in Krogers and gave me a high five I also think about how many men and women fought and died to protect the 2A I have never served but I use my 2A rights and fell the need to support it publicly not by debating or spouting from a megaphone tobut walking quietly with my head up and guns on my shirt .I will not keep my views and beliefs in the safety of a chat room or my own home you can be assaulted for any reason. If you are wearing a suit you could be shot because you look like you have money or the car you drive the type of shoes or boots you have on your feet so yes wearing a Glock hat or gun shirt could get you shot first but you have the same chance of being shot first because of your glock hat as you do for the suit or shoes you wear except if you are wearing a Glock hat hopefully you are carrying a Glock
  9. docster

    docster Active Member

    Ive always been of this school. Everything is different now and especially since the Trump election. I don't want people to know my personal ideologies and certainly don't want to be a target ( or my wife and family). I was at the Trump inauguration and saw first hand what these leftists will do.

    All the bravado disappears when it happens up close and personal. Gray Man for me. It's an extremely effective strategy
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  10. Southlake

    Southlake Salt Life Staff Member Moderator Lifetime Supporting Member

    #MeToo Grey Man
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  11. CCSir

    CCSir Well-Known Member Supporter

    I don't worry about it. Some days you'd never know, other days I get people that give me a thumbs up for whatever shirt/hat I may be wearing.

    Personal opinion here, but I'm unaware of any stories or evidence to back up the theory that one would be a target for wearing any type of "gun garb". I'm sure if there is any someone will be along shortly to correct me.
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  12. I wish they had Glock "hats". I love hats out in broiling sun. All I've ever seen are those damned "ball caps". No caps at this house! :)
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  13. brucer41

    brucer41 Faithful Member Supporter

    Never thought/worried about it. I am always on condition 1 when I am out and about so I may pick up potential bad guys. But being human there is always times and things you miss that are the gotcha's. I am not perfect nor have super powers but I feel that I tune into my surroundings and who may be paying way more attention to me.
  14. docster

    docster Active Member

    People across the country are being assaulted for their MAGA hats and with many state's passing Red Flag laws I may not get assaulted but I'm not going to give any radical the opportunity to abuse those laws. I also believe in the Grey Man philosophy in general
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  15. Ten Man

    Ten Man Active Member

    I agree that the "Grey Man" concept is probably the most prudent for CCW practitioners, especially in Blue states.

    Whether or not a logo or picture related to guns would trigger a response or attack on you is not worth the gamble. A "self defense" shooting is going to be very expensive. Why take the chance on increasing the probability of being in such a situation?

    As far as "freedom" or "pride" goes, it is foolish, in the face of overwhelming public sentiment that is contrary to being American, to poke the bear. I am absolutely disgusted that such an atmosphere exists in this country, but it is what it is.

    There have been news reports of people's property being targeted for vandalism, burglary, etc. just for having American Flag decals displayed. It is despicable.
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  16. Danzig

    Danzig I do hood rat sh%t! Supporter


    I think you’re much more apt to be assaulted and or attacked for wearing a MAGA hat.
    As far as a robber shooting you for wearing a gun co. hat or clothing, I think they were probably bent on killing someone anyway.
    Gun company hats and clothing are very common here in N. Texas.
    My vehicles I keep logo free. Don’t need window smashed by troll thinking gun is in vehicle to steal. Don’t want an anti-gun zealot calling 911 on false gun brandishing charge, which happened to a coworker.
  17. 3gun28

    3gun28 New Member

    Seems to me that being in the grey is the only way to go in order to avoid conflict and outright ridicule for being ones self. I have mags hats trump t shirt and cannot wear them and won’t because of my wife and her career because she would be targeted as a racist which is unbelievable and regrettable to even begin to comprehend.
    Our history is being rewritten so that eventually the constitution will be dissolved and wiped out. I don’t wear targeted clothing I get it approved first because of respect and I don’t do bumper stickers only ones I have are on my safes.
    We as grey men and women are the ones who make the change and we are the underlying determining factor of what should be.
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  18. SBH

    SBH Member

    I don't wear any firearm related apparel & NO stickers on my vehicles.
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  19. Southlake

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    You sir, are a smart man.
  20. cazbass

    cazbass Well-Known Member Supporter

    Words to live by... I had a Glock sticker on my car but I peeled it off. I have a couple T-shirts from a couple of gun ranges but I never wear them anymore, unless I'm at home or I have a sweatshirt over it.
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