Could wearing a Glock hat get you shot?

Discussion in 'Conceal & Open Carry' started by 360sheepdog, Jan 20, 2017.

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    I don't got much attire with gun or knife companies logos but I don't hesitate to wear them.

  2. As far as your average Joe Crackhead criminal, I think he just wants to do his bad business and get away as quick as possible with the least trouble possible. I think people who are worried about this scenario are giving criminals way to much credit in the critical thinking department. If they were that smart, they wouldn't do a fraction of the things they do, and be what they are.

    On the other hand, I think it might give your average citizen a heads up that you like guns, and that they might think you're carrying one. But personally I don't think people pay that much attention to what's going on in the world around them, nor do they much care. Too busy on whatever device they have in their hand.

    The only reason I think some of us find this plausible is because at first blush it makes sense. But it only makes sense to us because, we think about and see things that most other people dont. There may be a few exceptions, but all in all if you carry everyday, you see the world differently than other folks.

    If wearing a Glock hat is the biggest worry I have, then I don't have a care in the world.
    That's my .02, and its worth exactly what you paid for it.:)
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    This is America, we have the right to wear what we want, carry my gun the way I want, and you have the right to say it's not a good thing to do, but I wear gun hats sometimes, and shirts I wear my gun concealed or open depending on how I want to that day, I do it because I'm free, and don't really care what people say or think, and to many people died for my country not for me to care what people think, and exercise my right. I hate to see people walk around scared that someone might think I have a gun or not. Men wore there guns on the outside of there pant for 200 years, and no one said a damn thing. God bless the USA
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    Very good point I choose to conceal carry but to each their own God bless the USA!
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    Unfortunately, can't do that in NY. We may agree but we have to also deal with reality here.

    Concealed is best and not letting anyone know you even like guns in public is the best as well. Nobody's business but my own. If I was shooting competitively, I would have no problem wearing gun logos at the match, but would likely cover up at a mall or in the general public. No need to attract attention from anyone.
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    "Anything you do can get you shot, including nothing." Murphy's Laws of Combat, #37. I've been a firm believer for years in no signature clothing, no bumper or window stickers, no "I Dare You" signs around the house. No one needs to know if I'm packing anything more than maybe a Swiss Army Knife. Is there any real evidence one leads to the other? I don't know. I just know I'm not rolling those dice.
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    Sorry, but the scenario you described is not "accidentally flashing" a firearm IMO. Sounds like exactly what needed to transpire did, again IMHO.
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    I live in a open carry state ( ga) , I also live in a military town/area. The area is very diverse in all aspects. I wear Americana shirts and glock hats . But when I'm out of my area /state I get more looks about my shirt , then my hat. This is a sad time and wear what you feel safe and proud to wear.God bless America
  9. This is a tough subject for me. On one hand, I understand and acknowledge the benefit of being the "gray man". On the other, I really LIKE a few of my firearms related ball caps and t-shirts, including a BCM ball cap and a Gunsite shirt I wear from time to time.

    In the end, I want to promote a positive example of a responsible gun owner. I think we really need to do this from time to time to help non-shooters understand most gun owners are NOT a bunch of clowns slinging AK's while they wait in line for a double mocha latte.

    I choose my moments that I carry and wear firearms related clothing, and to be honest, 99% of the public, even here in South Texas, are clueless who my Gunsite, BCM, SOLGW, SIG, or Ruger hats or shirts represent. But the occasional "cool shirt/hat--thumbs up" I get and even give are a neat way of connecting to my brother and sister shooters to let them know we're not an army of one in a a vast pasture of "sheep-le".

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    I have stickers and clothes that only other gun owners would recognize, such as the my Noveske cross sticker on my truck, Noveske cross hat, BCM t-shirts or my G19 and G17 personalized license plates.
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    I seriously doubt any BG is going to be so aware of his surroundings that he sees what brand of ball cap you're wearing. When the adrenaline is flowing, your vision narrows and you don't see crap except your intended target - the cashier and his/her cash register.

    This robbery attempt comes to mind. These idiots were ignorant enough to attempt to rob a pawn shop/gun store. They were so focused on the loot, they didn't bother to contemplate the owner of a gun store actually owning a gun and shooting back.

    You can't advertise "I HAVE A GUN" much more than owning a gun store. ;)

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    You never really know what people will think (or if they ever think at all). Years ago I had a "Nuke The Whales" t-shirt and believe or not someone
    scolded me for it because they didn't get the joke.
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    I once seen a story on 60-minutes about car thieves, One said that he always went into a bar or restaurant to see if a person was wearing a Harley Davidson T-Shirt if he spotted a H.D. Motorcycle in the parking lot.
    He could tell how much time he had by viewing if the H.D. owner was just starting or just finishing eating.
    He said it was like a sign around the bike owners neck saying"Steal my Motorcycle"
    I never forgot that and that is why I don't wear anything gun oriented because it is like hanging a sign around your neck that may one day cause trouble.
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    What is the joke?
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    I live just south of you across the boarder in FL ... I have an "embrace the suck" t-shirt and love wearing it as a retired vet supporting the boys ... you can't imagine the looks and questions I get.
  16. I agree. No gun apparel, no stickers on my trucks. Even if only 2% read it and target me, that's enough. I see no good reason to advertise.
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    Hey crankypants,
    If that is a photograph of ""YOU"" I don't think anybody in this world would mess with you. I sure know I wouldn't.
    Ronnie ;)
  18. Yeah if I am out in public, I do not wear anything gun related. Around the house and such, that is a different story.
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    I don't advertise that I am carrying, except that I wear 5.11 pants or shorts. I wear those for two reasons: 1. They're comfortable and, 2. I ain't gonna carry a purse.

    I wear hearing aids and need to carry batteries and tools for the dang things along with my other EDC. Four- or five-pocket slacks or shorts just don't have enough storage.

    I want to keep a low profile as one who carries. To me, the whole idea of concealed carry is to leave the bad actors wondering who is and who isn't carrying. If that alone is enough to give one of them pause long enough for someone on the other side of town to escape being a victim, I consider that a victory for the shepherds.