Could wearing a Glock hat get you shot?

Discussion in 'Conceal & Open Carry' started by 360sheepdog, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. 360sheepdog

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  2. jgilfor

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    Never thought that it made sense for folks to advertise that they CCW. Think about what signal it sends to any potential threats.

    "Hey look, I am probably armed, but don't even realize that you are a threat to me...yet".

    If I'm a bad guy, looking to do harm or incite mayhem, the guy with the camo pants and Glock cap is the FIRST person I'm gonna' shoot in the back.

    It makes no more sense than walking through a "bad" neighborhood, appearing to be feeble, inattentive, easy prey, and expecting NOT to be a probable target.

    If you are out hunting, at an IDPA/USPSA/GSSF match, or even working in your garage or on your yard, then it's all good. Wear what you like.
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  3. Zebra

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    Personally, I do not "advertise" in any way, shape, or form that I may be armed or have anything to do with firearms.
    I aspire to always carry, never let them know or give them a clue........
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  4. oregon9mm

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    No one will know I have a piece until I need to use it. I'll wear nothing that suggests I may be armed.
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  5. Lucian_253

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    I own a few Glock hats. I only wear them when I'm going shooting out doors. I don't advertise I have a gun on me. That includes stickers on my vehicle, etc.
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  6. 40caljim

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    I am a licensed peace officer, and a firearms instructor and I wear my Glock hats and shirts proudly wherever I go.
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  7. Lucian_253

    Lucian_253 Well-Known Member Supporter

    You have the badge to back it. As a civilian I try to carry as discreet as possible. Also where you live probably comes into play.
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  8. kennydale

    kennydale Well-Known Member

    Lets see if you wear sports gear it's ok
    John Deere ok, Chevy, Ford or Chrysler.....ok

    But Glock, Ruger etc makes you a target??? Excuse me while I wear my NRA cap in public
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  9. Lucian_253

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    I live in a very blue western Washington. Guns are not widely accepted. It's legal to open carry here, but 9 times out of 10. The police will be called. Wearing any gun logos on hats, clothing, or stickers basically gives away your element of surprise a cc gun holder. IMHO.
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  10. kennydale

    kennydale Well-Known Member

    I'm probably more of a TARGET because I have a "I've Got Your Six" decal on the back of my vehicle. Sick World AIN'T IT !
  11. I was all about wearing gun logo items in the past before I carried. Now that I carry, I don't own them. I don't want anybody to think I'm any different when looking at me
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  12. GPerfection

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    I don't advertise. The same reason I'm not for open carry but think it may be legal in my state(Florida) soon.
  13. Lucian_253

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    Florida you can open carry to, from, and in the act of fishing & hunting correct?
  14. kwaynem

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    Haha I like it Kennydale
  15. rbbeers

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    Part of my 'life philosophy' is to allow those around me to be 'at ease'.

    To that end, 'I love my state'... and I 'advertise' accordingly.

    I DO NOT advertise that 'I love guns' as well... that's only for me to know.

    This approach has served my family very well.

    Given the opportunity, I'll discuss responsible firearms 'stuff' with select individuals (by my choosing). However, it's not my job to convert the world. It is my job to protect my family... and me. And, staying 'under the radar' is part of my job.

    Food for thought... :D

    Best regards,

    Bob :)
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  16. PattonWasRight

    PattonWasRight Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure.

    How many people would decide not to honk at your car for whatever after seeing an NRA sticker on it, or would rob a house at night (when you're likely inside of it) when there's a floor mat that says "I don't call 911"

    That said, maybe they do break into your house 'cause they know there's going to be firearms inside.

    Sometimes can help, sometimes not. Depends on the scenario and the bad guy.
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  17. Glockster53

    Glockster53 New Member

    I rather be discreet and not advertise I am armed. The reason I always carry concealed and wouldn't like carrying openly. I think too folks should think twice on wearing tee shirts like I don't call 911 and such. Heaven help you if you shot a criminal the liberal authorities could easily paint you as the aggressor.
  18. wildbill45

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    When I wear my Grateful Dead hat no ones thinks I am a musician. When I wear a Steelers hat no one thinks I play for the team.
    When I wear Victoria's Secret hat no thinks I am a model.

    I think this is silly as most folks never read your hat or shirt, and most don't know what a Glock is, and if they do react to it they probably were approaching you for no good anyway.
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  19. jgilfor

    jgilfor New Member Supporter

    Yes, in Florida it is legal to open carry to, from, and while fishing or hunting, and on the way to and from the practice range (whatever the heck that means).

    I think the only reason I welcome open carry is to prevent being out of compliance if you accidentally flash your weapon, which in some counties (not mine; Hillsborough) is considered a punishable offense.
  20. Glockster53

    Glockster53 New Member


    Your right about accidentally flashing your gun. My buddy had his pistol between his seats in his car half the butt of the pistol was sticking up. Well some busybody saw it in a mall parking lot reported him to the cops. They were ready to arrest him pull his carry permit and lectured him on what concealed carry means.