Could this happen in your neighborhood?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by mikecu, May 20, 2012.

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    Not in Pennsylvania...we shoot when attacked !


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  4. Yea someone made reference to this in my thread, it's crazy. If i lived there i would be packing.
  5. yep, and being from the chicago burbs, myself, I hate when chumps like this do things liek that.... hence why IL is a commy state that DENIES you your RIGHT to carry....
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    You got that right
  7. I always laugh because every mile in IL is something America this or America that, home of lincoln look how great we are yet you have no rights living there. It's the most unamerican state in the country.
  8. GlockIt

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    Lol!! I have several friends that live there and they say that constantly how American it is.
  9. That's like the people who live on the Jersey Shore and think it's Key West.
  10. Wont ever happen at a restuarant Im at.

    They say never say never... IM SAYING NEVER!!!
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    The old adage of "You can't fight City Hall" comes to mind here. I just wonder, with so many victims in this one attack, if a class action lawsuit against IL politicians for taking away their right to defend themselves would work. When you get in their hip pockets, minds seem to change.
  12. Wow! Crazy! Doubt it would happen here in TX without several folks getting shot...
  13. I will never live there and no that certainly wouldn't happen here.
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    Suzanne Gratia-Hupp put a face on this after the Luby's Massacre and is one of the reasons concealed carry took off nationwide. She is a great American!
  15. Hmm....I cannot like my own posts....this is disappointing indeed.
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    In Florida we shoot first... Then call an attorney!

    As my father says:

    "Dead People Cant Talk..."
    "I rather be brought magazines to prison than flowers to a cementery..."