Copy of Atlanta Arms & Ammo Current Pricing

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Z-Man, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. Z-Man

    Z-Man New Member

    Hey guys,
    Don't know if anybody shoots Atlanta Arms & Ammo but I thought I'd pass this along. After a little hassle I got the current pricing from the A.A.A factory on all the ammo they produce since it is cheaper to buy directly from them. My local gun shop sells the A.A.A reman. .40S&W out the door for $21.25 per box of 50 rnds. It's $13 per box directly from the source cutting out the middle man.


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  2. Ghost23

    Ghost23 New Member

    I was under the impression that you couldnt buy direct from the factory. AA is the only range ammo other than Georgia Arms I'll shoot. That'll save me a ton of money on 10mm. Thanks for this

  3. Sarabian

    Sarabian Slightly Opinionated

    Thanks for posting this!
  4. favbal

    favbal New Member

    Can you tell me what the shipping/handling pricing is? If it's not too bad I'll order some myself.
  5. Ghost23

    Ghost23 New Member

    Honestly you'd be better off going with Georgia Arms or BVAC. They have better prices and they sell in bulk. I like AA, but the ammo is super dirty.
  6. Z-Man

    Z-Man New Member

    Also, You are able to buy directly from the factory.... They just would rather have you go through your local gunshop, I guess maybe to help stimulate the economy haha. But, If your local gunshop " doesn't carry AA ammo" there is no problem with you ordering it directly from them.
  7. Z-Man

    Z-Man New Member

    favbal: I am not sure what shipping would be, that is something you will have to email the factory about. can ship me a box of 500 for $20 and I live in GA

    G29sf: I shot both the reman. AA and the BVAC. the BVAC was consistently more accurate than the AA. Maybe it was because the AA was used brass. I would have to shoot new AA brass in order to give a fair comparison, but as of right now I wasn't impressed enough by the AA to spend $21 a box or buy it bulk yet. So if it is pinpoint accuracy you are going for than I would agree with you. But if you want to punch holes in paper and throw a **** ton of lead down range then AA directly from the factory isn't a bad choice.... Just know how to tear down your Glock and have an oiled up rag handy.
  8. Ghost23

    Ghost23 New Member

    No kidding, I put 500 rounds down range about a month ago of AA, and it looked like I was shooting black powder when it got time to clean it haha
  9. iijaded

    iijaded New Member

    There is a place out of Montana that sells AAA and their price includes S&H. They are easy to work with and good honest small business folks.
  10. bargeahead

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    For what it's worth; Georgia Arms offers free shipping on orders over $750 and percentage discounts on larger orders. Can't remember exactly but I think about 4-5% over $2500 and 8-10% over $5000 or thereabouts.

    Of all the multi-thousand rounds we've sold I only know of two rounds that failed. One .223 did not have the bullet "crimped" and fell into the case and another .223 with a bad primer.

    Of course both were mine.

    We have many repeat customers with Glocks that have not reported one problem with G A ammo.
  11. iRockGlock

    iRockGlock Well-Known Member

    I'm liking these numbers!
  12. GatorHater

    GatorHater Premium Member

    Cousin buys from there... Heard only good stuff.
  13. DrDespair

    DrDespair New Member

    Georgia Arms

    Can second that.

    Have put >2k rounds through my 19. No failures; good price; no complaints about cleanliness.

    And last I ordered from them they shipped free at >$500. Don't know - maybe that's changed.
  14. GlockfanAZ

    GlockfanAZ New Member

    Maybe its me, but the prices still seem kind of high. for 9mm? Over 22 a box for fmj plus shipping seems a lot to me. I can get it locally for under 13.

    The 40 prices seem good though for the once fired.:D