When police arrived at the scene of a reported gunshot near Atlanta, they soon got to the bottom of the incident and were able to put one and one together.


The town

Sandy Springs, Georgia dates back to the 1850s with the founding of the Sandy Springs United Methodist Church, near the natural spring for which the city is now named. Located in Fulton County just to the North of Atlanta, it grew in size and successfully fought off incorporation by an ever-growing Atlanta until, in 2005, the city of 93,000 incorporated on its own. Dotted with 16 parks and home to an annual Artapalooza festival, its skyline is dominated by the "King and Queen" Concourse office towers.

In short, is a fairly organized and growing medium-sized city.

The agency

The Sandy Springs Police Department officially began police operations on July 1, 2006 and, no doubt through the hard work of its 127 sworn officers, has experienced an overall reduction in crime. This includes a 35 percent reduction in burglaries over the past decade. Their officers are professional, carry Glocks (thumbs up), and drive Chargers.

In short, an organized and effective force, and, like any agency; they get their share of oddball calls.

The incident

Police were called to the 600 block of Waterford Place last week on a "firearm call." Upon arrival, officers spoke with a resident who told police he had "dropped" his gun, a Glock 10mm, which caused it to fire a round into the floor.

That's when Sandy Springs PD rose the BS flag.

The outcome

"Now if you know anything about Glocks, they are designed with sort of a dual trigger requiring both to be depressed at the same time to fire. This means the gun won't fire when it is dropped," wrote Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department in the Reporter Newspaper's police blotter on October 2.

"The man was informed of this and changed his story some to say he dropped it and it fired when he picked it up, and did in fact, depress the trigger mechanism. The man was a novice and had not taken any firearms safety training. He was urged to get some. The bullet did not penetrate the floor that is connected to the ceiling of the apartment below."

Capt. Rose also noted that, "We offer a firearms safety course, folks. If you purchase a gun and have no prior training, please go through the basic course. It's well worth an hour or two."